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Thread: Do you wear a watch?

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    Default Do you wear a watch?

    Do you wear a watch?

    I do, out of habit. It was given to me by my grandfather and I've put it on and taken it off automatically for years.

    I just noticed this morning that the battery is dead. I have no idea when that happened.

    I see time with my phone and notebook; most of my friends do the same. Do you?

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    Yeah, I wear a watch. (A swatch, to be specific). I had a Seiko I loved, but I lost it a couple of years back.

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    I wear a fossil. Over the years I've learned how to check it super fast

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    I have a carabiner type watch. It hangs from my belt loop with my keys. I've been using one for since middle school, although I've gone through several. I find it comes in handy, and it's more convenient than having to pull out my phone and check.

    Tadaa, it's my current one

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    Yes, I wear a watch. I have several. For work I wear a Casio G-Shock; It's super durable, and is solar powered and has atomic timekeeping. For more dressy wear I have a Citizen and a Casio Waveceptor. I need a new battery for the Waveceptor, though. Both are steel banded, I don't go in for real flashy jewelry.

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    Yes, while I'm out of the house only. I don't have a clock in the car and like to check the time while I'm traveling. It's a Bulova watch which I've had for several years. It has a little day window on the face, but I can't see text that small anymore and don't bother keeping it set on the correct day.


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    Absolutely! I feel naked without one. Right now I've got a nice IZOD watch. I know I could check my phone (and I do if my watch is missing or the battery dies), but I think a watch is so much nicer. Plus it's a lot more discreet if you don't want it to be obvious you're checking out the time lol.

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    Yup, i've got a Casio one with a data bank for phone numbers and stuff like that, a calculator, and a stop watch. All of these come in handy sometimes. It's battery can last up to 10 years! However I mainly wear it at school - I don't often wear it anywhere else.

    It's kinda become a mandatory thing for me to have.

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    I stopped wearing one years ago. I realized that I was checking it far to often, and decided to stop obsessing (for lack of a better word) and drop it. I've got a couple of Citizen Eco-Drives for when I have to wear one, but that's only been twice this year.

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    I always wear one. Can't live without one, as I usually need every second to get to the streetcar stop, and without a watch, I'd either run half he way or walk too slow and miss my streetcar.


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