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    Nation & World | N. Korea renounces truce, makes threat | Seattle Times Newspaper

    North Korea just renounced the truce that ended the Korean War. Will there be another Korean War? Or is Korea just bluffing? It seems like they do something like this every once in a while, but this seems to be the worst so far. And it would be crazy of them to attack, but would they do it anyway?

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    Meh, I say that they're bluffing for now. Seems like they're doing it just so the UN will actually give them attention again.

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    Multiple missile launches, atomic bomb detonation (and apparently it worked this time 10-20 kiloton estimate from the Russian Military), lots of defiant rhetoric, even in the face of disapproval from their allies (China, Russia), along with a crazed short egomaniac with a God complex commanding a couple of million brainwashed soldiers.

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong??:popcorn:

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    They're huffing and puffing. We all know they won't actually do anything... the UN wouldn't stand for it... it's all just posturing. We've got enough troops and technology stationed on the border to crush anything they might throw at us.

    On another note... I do have a friend who is stationed over there with the USAF, so I am concerned for his safety. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and diplomacy can resume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and diplomacy can resume.
    Amen to that!

    Shreveport is home of Barksdale AFB, and one of my neighbors a few years ago had been reassigned here from South Korea. He said then that DPRK was the biggest threat that no one knew about, the one that made them (military planners, I guess) the most nervous. Although, that was before Sept. 11 IIRC.

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    Look on the bright side atleast they don't have one of these - YouTube - Tsar bomba

    Am I the only person who thinks that they look beautiful?

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    North korea will never be able to "win" if they actually start a war. But if they do have nuclear weapons, which I personally do not know for sure, they can nuke a fairly big ammount of the metropoles our world posesses. It would be stupid of them to actually do something like that, but North Korea is mainly led by one single leader, and if he thinks war is the right option, then the world is in big trouble.

    Insert chat quote: "Those North Korean leaders are all a bunch of grumpy babies in need of nap and a diaper change"

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    Kim Jong Il is in much the same boat as Castro... he won't be around that much longer.

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    Reading about NK puts me in mind of the story "The Mouse That Roared". The country is in poor economic shape just like the one in the story. Think it's possible they want to be invaded and get all torn up, so that the victors will spend billions to restore their country and economy? One thing for sure, their leader is not living in reality with a *bring it on* attitude towards every country opposing their nuclear escalation. Maybe smoking too much opium has fried his brain cells?


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