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Thread: Pushing it in public

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    Default Pushing it in public

    Hi all,

    I was just just wondering how far and how daring you may have been in public while diapered. I have heard many stories about going for massages while diapered and going to the doctor. I am thinking about doing this kind of thing but am not sure yet. I was just wondering if any of you had any experiences to share.


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    I guess if you're a voyeur who enjoys possible public ridicule or humiliation you might give a swing, but for the most part you are going to find that the folks around here think that intentionally exposing yourself in public is just asking for trouble.

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    Please, use some sense here.

    As hard as it may be to comprehend, the general public does not have a desire to see your diaper or know anything about its condition. I understand that you may have some exhibitionistic tendancies... but let's try to keep them to a minimum, ok?

    How many news articles have you seen about some "Diapered Freak" going around and exposing his undergarment of choice to the masses? Things like this do not help the AB/DL community at all.

    If you really want to go to your next physical in a thick diaper, think twice... odds are your doctor has seen this thing before, but you are probably going to get a lot of questions about it... as incontinence is a serious health issue experienced by millions.

    I would not reccomend going to get a massage in only a diaper... put some boxers or gym shorts on over it please! The person giving your massage doesn't need any more complications in their day... and you'd better tip them damn good too.

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    I go anywhere in diapers. I just try to hide them as much as possible.

    But the "best" I did was, in a magazine store, I crouched to read one on the bottom shelf and I knew my diaper was peaking out of my pant a bit and I let it be. Several peoples where around and I did not care.

    Also, while wating in line to pay, on an other occasion, pulling my shirt a little to scratch, revealing the top of my diaper. Done machinally, I did not realise. I'm sure the persone behind me saw it.

    I don't get a kick out of this, but I find it funny, just imagining what the "witness" would think.

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    I never try to expose my choice of underwear while out in public regardless if it's diapers boxers or tighty whites. I worn to the movies, the dentist and other places where I figured I wouldn't be able to move for a while. Plus diapers just gave added comfort for a root canal, though a MP3 player with loud earbuds that gives off great bass proves more useful.

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    I wear them in public because I want to wear them.

    But I don't wear them for the public.

    This means they're under my pants, I've got a shirt on, I'm not playing soccer or doing any other activity that will compromise the secret. I like it that way. I get to enjoy my diapers without needing to explain myself to curious or hostile onlookers.

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    Unless i needed them for Med reason, I WOULD NEVER WEAR IN PUBLIC. This is privte and should be keeped as such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siege89 View Post
    Unless i needed them for Med reason, I WOULD NEVER WEAR IN PUBLIC. This is privte and should be keeped as such.
    You can wear in public and still keep it 100% private. One of the best ways to wear in public without people finding out is act normal, if anything that's the best thing you can do. Asides for maybe wearing a longer shirt.

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    I wear in public all the time but lately I have been home a lot because I am not working much again. I have worn to work, stores, dentist, to my shrink, to the bank, movies, restaurants. But I do not wear when I see a doctor because I'm still not comfortable being seen in it and they usually have you strip down and put on the gown.

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    I know i can but, I just cant do it, I feel like I'm exposing people to something that i shouldn't be. If it for Med, thats fine. But doing it for a fetish seem wrong to me.

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