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Thread: Band or Drama?

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    Talking Band or Drama?

    Okay, in another thread I posted a "band is <Fill in the blank> than drama" comment. That really was off topic for that discussion so I figured it was time to make a new topic, complete with Poll!

    For me, I'm 100% band. Kinkier people, better parties, etc. I've played the trombone since 5th grade, played at the top of the state level for HS Varsity Wind Ensemble and Full Orchestra, and joined marching band in college.

    3.. 2.. 1.. BRAWL!

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    Band for sure. I've been playing trumpet about 14 years and have no plan of stopping.

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    I prefer drama since there can be a part for everyone, even the crappiest of the crappy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I prefer drama since there can be a part for everyone, even the crappiest of the crappy.
    Crappiest of the crappy? You must know some of the guys I know in band... Band has a place for those people too :-)

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    I was actually in both.
    I got along better with people in drama, though, but every school is different, so every program is different.

    I love both, though, and they're about equal in my book. :3

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    Band's pretty snazzy - some interesting jokes go down. And uniform changing time? Oh goodness.

    The drama people are pretty cool too, though.

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    Drama..for sure.

    It's way more fun to be someone else who is not yourself every now and then.
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    Band? Ha!

    Drama? Bleh!

    ROTC baby.

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