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Thread: random Rant!

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    Angry random Rant!

    what happened was i was about to play test drive unlimited for the ps2 (which I've easily donated about 25 hours of game play into), and my data went corrupt!!! the worst part is that its not the first time this had happened to me! So basically i want to smash the game, but cant convince myself to do it...

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    TDU!!! what a good game, though it is best on PC. I wonder if they'll make a new one for PS3, hmmm? Anyway that blows that you lost your save data, I also have it on PSP and one of my friends went 'start new game', fine, but you can only have one game save file. Hence I lost everything (game completed, nearly every car ect)

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    I completed the first level of Strawberry Shortcake and the saving failed and said the card was corrupted. So I tested few of my other games and my card worked and all my data was still there except for the data that went corrupted when I attempted to save my game.

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