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Thread: Well, in a big room and need some ideas on organization.

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    Default Well, in a big room and need some ideas on organization.

    Well, I've moved into a bigger room and I need some tips on organization. Right now, I've got 3 computers just sitting here that I would love to get up and running, but I've got no room for it in this office area. Any ideas?

    I was thinking of getting a nice black/silver metal rack to put where my other server rack is and place all the computers on that, then just run cables to the monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc. Problem is, I can't seem to find something that looks halfway decent for cheap. Money is tight, so it'll be an ongoing project.

    I am thinking of moving the desk and rack out from the corner a bit more to have room for possibly another L-Shaped desk behind me as a secondary work area apart from my real work area.

    Any ideas?

    Also, I would like to at some point at seperate monitors for each computer, but I'm looking at either just using Synergy, since it's free, but could you suggest any hardware KVM solutions for me? It must support USB keyboard and mouse, DVI-D and VGA. Any suggestions on a good, decently priced one?

    And one more thing. The metal rack I'm looking to put all the computers on needs to be big enough to have my main rig just sitting on the top, with other computers underneath it. I would put it back in the case, but that would require taking off the heatsink, which took forever to install in the first place and I can't get to the mounting screw holes to install it with it installed. So, I guess I'm just going to go caseless on this and use the case for a new build.

    So, now, here are some pictures for your creative ideas, feel free to edit them and repost with where you think things should go if you want. I'm just posting them so you know what all I have to work with and all.

    Thanks for the help.

    Please don't mind the links. The pictures are so huge and my current work area isn't setup good enough to allow me to edit them without straining my neck and all so just click the links to get a picture of the work areas.

    Door View:
    Chair View:
    Other Desk View: - any ideas on what to do with this? It's sitting right near my entertainment center and would like to do something to include it in with my other main work area.

    Thanks again and I hope someone can help me come up with some ideas on what to do, I'm creativity challenged.

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    A rough sketch or description of the room and its current layout would be extremely helpful in helping you design a new layout.

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    No one has any ideas? I'm creativity challenged

    I'm thinking of just pulling the desk out at an angle, move the rack in the corner behind it and put the other desk on a wall beside the rack and then a another desk/table to hold the computers on on the other wall beside the rack.

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    Put the corner desk in the corner. The Self up against the wall. And untangle the cords

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