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    Hello, first time posting after browsing this site from time to time.

    I got interested in diapers when i was 15 (now 20, almost 21) and at the time didnt really know why i was interested again.

    I then figured out when I was 17 that it was probably due to my depression I had, so it made me feel safe and secure.

    I consider myself an AB, yet I don't really have much other than my diapers (used to have some pacifiers and some babyish clothes).

    My mom found my diaper stash when I was 16 and made me see a psychologist, but it never stopped me from wearing. My mom thinks I'm done with diapers, but she has no idea.

    I think I am mainly here to read what other people think and see if anything seems similar to me.

    If anyone would like to know about why I was depressed, I do not have any issue talking about it anymore, and I'm more than willing to open up about it.

    Oh, and in case anybody wanted to know, my sexual orientation is straight.

    Hope this was an ok introduction

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    Well, as to depression

    It can't be helped but there's a lot of it about
    but fetishes in general are widespread and unless depression is part of most humans' condition, I don't see that our fetish and depression have a necessary causal link, though there is a possible correlation. I have known happy fetishists.

    As far as I can tell, fetishism is quite apart from sexual orientation, though the gay communities seem to be more comfortable with openness about such things. On this site, I sometimes forget peoples' orientation, there are more important things to them, and what we have in common is more important than a difference in which gender (if any) we prefer to date.

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