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    Default My intro

    Ok I realy do have to do this for real now.

    Well I'm 22 and have some idea what i wanna do with my life. I want to make one of the best mmo-rpg's ever. Idk if that will ever happen but I'm try. I a big gammer my self. I dont own a ton of games, but for the few i do play I'm very good at.

    I love to read. I'm jsut realy pick about what it is i read. Terry Goodkind ` Sword of Truth is the msot resent. I also enjoy alot of movies, just as long as there not scary movies. An music I only like a few bands, System of a down, The Killers, Nightwish, and Linkin Park.

    An of course I'm a AB/Dl, Idk what else there is to say :\
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siege89 View Post
    Hmm nvm i'll do this later
    Quick, before the edit button disappears!

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    bumped cause i took care of it, jsut didnt wanna start another thread.

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    KK JK. I was an avid Oblivion fan until the repetitiousness got to me. A pity since making a shorter game with more variety would have made for a better game. So you are a pen and paper guy, Fable, WoW, or Elder Scrolls fan? Or other?

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    I'm a long time D&D fan, I also played WoW, Still would but my X really messed my acct up, Now my 2 80's are on someone else acct. So I'll never be able to use them again

    I started playing this new game called Ether Saga Online

    I play on the west coast server, realm 7

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    Well...welcome to Adisc. Nice edit. Much more informative now. *grin*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Ah, I have harshlands-playing friends and plan on trying that out.
    harshlands huh, I've never hread of that?? I'm having to look at it. Thanks to my X-gf now, I've had a nice fall out from gaming, for the most part.

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    \o/ woooo! for Nightwish!

    nemo's my favorite from them

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    I like Nemo that was a really good song, I also really like Bye Bye Beautiful, Amaranth.

    Another band that kind of like Nightwish, I jsut found the other night is called Epica

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