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Thread: On my last diaper, sad night :(

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    Default On my last diaper, sad night :(

    I'm down to my last diaper I can't decide if I want to put it on and continue working or go to sleep or just save it. Also, I'll be ordering another batch of Abenas soon, I'm thinking of getting a case and having it shipped via UPS and go pick it up at the facility. Now, how big are Abena X-Plus Medium cases at XP Medical?

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    That is a sign of you are getting too dependant on them and they are starting to take over your life if it makes you sad you are on your last diaper or you ran out or you can't wear any at the moment because you have no privacy.

    Cases are usually large. I have had them shipped to me before but never Abenas. I would need to use my car to carry them because I can't imagine carrying the box on the bus and then to my apartment because it's too big to carry that far.

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    I dont know how big the X-plus are, I only tried them once, I prefer the supers, cause I get more per case

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    The box is roughly 21" x 16" x 11" Not really that big at all.
    It's only 3 packs per case. FYI, Fedex does a fine job of destroying the box during handling. My last case was hardly even closed and one of the top flaps was loose and you could clearly see inside. The other times I've recieved orders via Fedex were as badly battered.
    ^ Just a heads up if you care about discretion.

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