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Thread: What do you wear when it's time to goto bed?

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    Question What do you wear when it's time to goto bed?

    Okay so we have a thread that asks if we can sleep while diapered, but what attire do you usually wear to bed?

    When it's cold i'll wear my jumpin jammerz footie pajamas, but now it's getting warmer and I find myself either wearing a shirt and pajama bottoms with a diaper underneath, or just a shirt and diaper if it's too hot. Though it's harder for me to sleep with just a shirt and diaper because usually the bottoms I wear make the crinkling less apparent and that helps me sleep.

    What's your sleep attire?

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    Well, I like the cold, so I usually sleep in just my underwear...with a pair of boxers over them.

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    Hot or cold usually just my underwear.

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    My pyjamas. They're all kid styles which is cool (and they're comfy)

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    Thick cloth diapers most times, and a night shirt. I feel uncomfortable without them.

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    I prefer just wearing a diaper and a shirt or tank top, but when it gets colder I'd wear pj pants and a shirt, footie pjs, or my fleece eeyore pj set ^^

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    Depends on my mood and the temp of the room. If its cold then polar fleece jammerz, if its sorta cold then micro fleece jammerz. This time of year I were mostly Thai style pants (basically PJ bottoms in a traditional Thai design). On top of that usually a t-shirt of some sort. Other times I will wear just a shirt, or just PJ bottoms. Also something that fluctuates with my mood lately is boxers or a cloth diaper, after wearing for 6 months solid and then getting in an arguement with a childhood friend who apparently is AB/DL part of me just kinda gave up on 24/7.

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    Diaper and a shirt. Then occasinally I suck my pacifier.

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    Usually my pyjamas. They are adult ones, but I've been told that is apparently still cute. I've never not worn pyjamas really, first time I saw a thread like this on the forum, I was amazed at how many people DIDN'T sleep in pyjamas. I prefer full length ones to short ones, but of course, with temperature, that isn't always suitable.

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