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Thread: Hospital stay

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    If they have found polyps it sounds more like Diverticulitus than Irritable bowel. diverticulitis can produce the odd bloody stool but is more normally associated with cramping, pain, lots of gas and distension and you sometimes pass what appears to be mucous, like most things it's a case of finding what your triggers arae and trying to keep away from them (Parsnips is one of mine).

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    Ulcerative colitis robbed me of 10 years of my life. Horrible disease. 10 times worse than IBS. I had my colon removed giving me my life back. For the weeks before my surgery i couldn't safely leave the house without having a nappy on. I had multiple accidents and the nappies saved me each time. Messing myself was degrading and something i would never do on purpose.

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    Sorry to hear that Woolybobs. I havvevarious spinal and asociated nerve problems and have a totally incontinent bladder so also wear 24/7. Due to a new problem I've also started having the the odd bowel accident and whilst I was doubly incontinent until I was 14, i never did get over the feeling of humilation and now as a 63 year old it is that much worse.

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