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    DannyTheNinja, master of stealth, multiple personalities, creepy interpretations of awesome music, and anything computer-related.

    I'm 18 years old and exactly 2 weeks, 13 hours, 37 minutes, and 23 seconds away from graduating high school. In the fall I will be pursuing a college degree (B.S.) in Network Security at a prestigious university. I joined ADISC about three years ago lacking many social skills; shortly thereafter I ceased homeschooling and hacked up a new chapter of my life in a local private school.

    My playlist consists primarily of Metallica, System of a Down, Black Sabbath, Mushroomhead, Apocalypta, and Serj Tankian. I drive a 5-speed, surf the net on a 12.1" IBM X41 tablet PC, try to go on at least 1 major hiking trip and 1 trip to the regional amusement park a year, and have a account (part of the reason I have so little music ). I'm on my church's youth group band as the estranged keyboardist who's always screwing with the music in the dark corner of the stage. My IQ has been estimated to be in the 140s-150s but I have never been formally examined; the rigorous daily schedule of the last several weeks has artificially depressed that to what I personally estimate to be the mid- to high-120s. I have a bad reputation for breaking the curves on tests, and am currently trying to avoid being stalked by at least four girls ranging from 8th grade from the end of the sophomore year of college.

    I didn't make valedictorian and am having a personal struggle with being a good sport, but I am friends with the kid that made it. I'm jealous and not jealous at the same time. I got into the school I wanted to get into, and I did the best I could do in high school (only had 3 Bs my entire time at school, the rest were As), plus I don't have to speak at graduation. What confidence I gain in introducing or describing myself in writing, I lose tenfold when it comes to public speaking.

    I'm a very logical thinker and extremely tenacious and, while I have a temper, if I see an error in my judgment I try to be quick in correcting it.

    Undoubtedly my biggest interest is computers. I have five of them in my basement hooked up to a recently acquired Gigabit switch because I ran out of ports on my WRT54GL long ago. Four boxes run Linux (2 Ubuntu, 2 Fedora) and the one that runs IRC (myself and dannybot) runs FreeBSD 7.2. My network runs three production subnets and uses IPv6 in production. I am currently interning at a large enterprise as part of a senior project; though I am only on for a week and a half they've already had me write some production code in C# (which I had to learn in 4 days). I've also figured out how to VPN into home and get native routed IPv6 from there despite being behind an aggressive outbound firewall and proxy. I maintain an open source content management system in PHP/MySQL for which the entire infrastructure is custom built with Apache, Python, mod_rewrite, and a few cron scripts.

    Roles on ADISC:

    • I maintain and moderate the wiki. I go through the list of recent changes to make sure articles are accurate, are written in decent English, and don't repeat information, and maintain the wiki templates and code.
    • IRC: My bot, dannybot, keeps IRC statistics and provides some tools for moderators as well as a couple of miscellaneous services (currency conversion, link shortening)
    • In general, I'm always available to chat especially because my Pidgin stays signed on 24/7. If you have any ADISC related questions chances are I can either answer or direct you to the right person. Hit me up on IM or via PM anytime.

    One sentence of gory ABDL stuff: (because this is an AB/DL forum)

    Mostly emotional, somewhat sexual, I like the general feel of a diaper but don't own anything else, trying to get a footed sleeper.


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    Great post, like Charlie's and Martin's, it has already let me feel I know you better as a person. Your technical skills have never failed to impress; even without any technical knowledge I could spot that much... but I am very happy you gave the detail you did as other techy members can now decide if their techy interests match yours; you might expect more networking conversations soon... oh wait it has already started.

    I also love all you guys giving more detail about your staff roles. When we lacked this extra information, I suspect you all may have been a bit under-appreciated: it is hard to appreciate what a person does if one doesn't have an idea of what it is they do do. (Yay, I made a sentence ending in do do. )

    As to IQ... I believe you... but I don't value IQ very much... My brain does some things quite well and some other things not well at all; so a single IQ figure doesn't describe things very well, any more than "I do network stuff" would describe your job. That's OK, few people can be Da Vinci. On the other hand things can be learned; I can name several people whose social skills have improved visibly and measurably over the course of their TBDL/ADISC membership, not to mention their communication skills, and not to mention their diaper-hiding skills, personal security skills, and furry-rp skills. And you played a role in much of that.

    And of course - you knew it was coming - praise and thanks for constructing an interim forum when TBDL disappeared in the server crash, a good and functional one, and at the drop of a hat.

    (broken link)

    Above links provide some insight into the early history of ADISC. Lest we forget.
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    *avoids the ninja rushing in*

    Eek! Other than the computers I didn't know that much about you and it's nice to hear about you. It's also really nice to have someone looking after the Wiki. I feel it could be a very useful and interesting part of ADISC and feel slightly ashamed that so far I haven't added to it.

    Keep up the good work! Nice to get to know ya.

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    DannyTheNinja, master of stealth, multiple personalities, creepy interpretations of awesome music, and anything computer-related.

    your multiple personalities link takes me to


    You don't have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/2.2.9 (Fedora) DAV/2 PHP/5.2.6 mod_ssl/2.2.9 OpenSSL/0.9.8g Server at ____________ Port 80
    But on a happier note we seem to have musical taste overlap (Sabbath etc.) but you mention some bands with which I am unfamiliar; now I have new music to look at.

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    Raccoon, I banned your IP when you left my webcam open all night
    Unbanned now.


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    I really like dannybot. He's cool, and quite smart. You should get a footed sleeper, they're awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby View Post
    I really like dannybot. He's cool, and quite smart. You should get a footed sleeper, they're awesome.
    Second! I'll be dannybot's life support any day of the year.

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    Third, but I take it the Dannybot is your local time, not auto-converted to mine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Third, but I take it the Dannybot is your local time, not auto-converted to mine?
    Raccoon: Not really my thing to answer but I know the answer: Standard is uses UTC but you can click [Change] and change it to your time zone.

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