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Thread: Fetish Music

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    Default Fetish Music

    Thanks to DominatingMommy for inspiring me to create this

    It is here and not in an off-topic place because some of the themes in the music and much of the language is not suitable for a younger audience, not at all.

    I'll start with two: Freaker's Ball YouTube - Dr. Hook - Freakin' at the Freaker's Ball
    and In Every Dream Home a Heartache

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    Ok, since you called me are some videos to some of my favorite songs.

    YouTube - LeŠther Strip - "Dominatrix" Is it just me or is "she" hot or what?
    YouTube - Juliet - Ride The Pain
    YouTube - Madonna - Erotica [Samuel Vatican Conspiracy Mix]

    That's enough. I've embarrassed myself enough for one night. (yeah right)

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    Freakin' at the Freakers' Ball rocks! My brother-in-law introduced me to that song at an open mic night somewhere around '93. I liked it so I had to get Revisited on CD.

    "Get My Rocks Off" is another one that fits, I suppose...

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    Well... From the archives, here are two requests from a Charlie admirer, this goes out to him, on the all-night Raccoon radio show:

    Venus in Furs:

    Take a Walk on the Wild Side:

    And to add to that, something that is a fetish theme song TO ME though not as dark as most

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    I wouldn't call it fetish music but...

    "Tear You Apart" from She Wants Revenge seems like a pretty fitting song. It's pretty dark, yet catchy I think.

    (It's been used in Fringe and the Number 23)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira View Post

    Me too. I love to go to the midnight shows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevre View Post
    How did no body else coment on this? This song is hilarious. Also, I have one too!

    Dominated love slave, Green Day YouTube - Seattle 1994: Dominated Love Slave

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