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Thread: Help! (FireFox problem, maybe)

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    Red face Help! (FireFox problem, maybe)

    Just wondering if one of you computer geniuses can offer any solutions to this.

    For some reason, my spell checker, as of recent, has stopped remembering words that I've 'Added to Dictionary'. Every time I use FireFox, it's like it resets. It will remember the new word throughout the session, but once it's restarted, stuff is wrong again.

    I have no idea if this is related (it seems like it could be, but it might just be a coincidence), but GMail no longer remembers when I've pressed the "Always allow images from" button.

    Also, doesn't work either. Again, may just be a coincidence, but I might as well mention it.

    Any ideas, before I go down the route of disabling every add-on and seeing if one of those is the issue?


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    Run WISE Registry Cleaner and WISE Disk Cleaner, after uninstalling Firefox. Then Re-install Firefox and your problem will be solved, probably corrupt registry entries.

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    The spell checker and preferences are not stored in the registry.

    Have you changed firefox's privacy settings recently? (e.g. auto clear on exit).

    What about cookies? Do you have Accept Cookies From sites, and accept third party cookies on?

    Have you installed NoScript lately? NoScript breaks a hell of a lot of stuff.

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    I haven't changed the privacy settings and cookies are accepted.
    I do have NoScript, but I've had that for ages. I might try disabling it though and seeing if that's it.

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    Solved the problem!
    It was a silly add-on that was the problem.
    Thanks for the help anyway guys.

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