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    Default Hi, new to site

    Hi, I'm new to the site, just realised I haven't made a proper introduction!

    I'm from the UK, 19, and studying for a computer science degree.

    I love to cook, go out drinking with mates, go the cinema (to see comedy, action, and sci-fi), playing pc/console games - especially FPSes.

    I also just love snuggling up with my gf :-) (who doesn't know about my feelings yet lol!)

    I found the site through Google, and I just want to discuss this side of my life with people who feel the same.

    I've not indulged much at all in my feelings, but may or may not (depending on other posts on the site).

    Oh and I'm a DL, but maybe a*B too?

    Nice to formally meet you all!

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    Hi there, I am a portly padded ancient dl raccoon into fuplay @IRC, wordgaming and huggling foxes. You'll find us a wealth of knowledge, and with 200 000 posts, sure to have prior information/discussion on your favorite topics, and members into discussing them. So if you have any questions on anything - fire away!

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    Welcome, ukdl1989!

    Like Raccoon said, I'm sure if you've got any basic *B/DL questions you'll find the answer in the forums. If by chance that is not the case, don't be shy - go ahead, start a thread, and ask!

    You'll also find the Off topic forum has a variety of discussions you can join in. Anyway, explore the site and see what you like best. :]

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    Sounds like you have a well-balanced life. You should be one of those people that can stay with the lifestyle. Welcome to the site. *grin*

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