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    Basicly the topic. Honestly I have no clue what Im doing. I havnt actuly found anyone ( fat chance on that I live in a small town in the smallst state in the us) so long distance is probaly what im gonna have to do. Im curouse how that would even work? How do you "give care" in a long-distance relatonship? I get emotinal suport and chats and stuff. That seems kind of impersonel. I guess im asking for others opinions and experiences. Id hate to meet somone and bocht the hole thing.

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    This article ( would probably be a good place to start. Communication about boundaries and expectations is super important.

    I had a CG once, it was only through kik and we lost touch after they stopped messaging me. One of the best things I think for me was the fact that somebody else knew, even if we never exchanged personal info. They would do random diaper checks on me and tell me to go play with some toys or color or watch some kids show that I loved. Find what works for both of you and have fun.

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    Thats a GREAT article indeed THANK you for that one

    May i also ad this one

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