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Thread: My formal introduction....

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    Default My formal introduction....

    Hello all!

    Long time DL, and very surprised I am just now finding this forum?? How odd of me..So, yea. I'm a Diaper Fetishist, and have been for many years now. Married, but she does not participate. Doesn't care that I do, which is better than some have it I suppose, but sure would be cool to have a diaper girl.
    Thats why I'm here I guess. Just some online friends. A diaper girl friend to chat with.
    Say hello anytime, my mailbox is aways open.
    Oops. OK...Male, 45, healthy, attractive, fit, clean. DL. Have only ever worn disposables, but I can't imagine liking cloth more. I need a female buddy.

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    Hi hunter73dl! That was a good intro. Yes, an understanding and especially a participating spouse is a rarity. At least she lets you wear. Are you a hunter?

    We are mostly a support group and finding a "dlgirl" to talk to here is easy but finding a dlgirl to chat privately can be difficult. Also, until you have been a member for a week and make 20 posts, you can't pm anyone or receive any pm's either. So start posting! So many topics covered here, both dl and non dl related. Welcome to the site!

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    Hello Hunter,
    Welcome to the group. 😺

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