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Thread: Favorite shows?

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    Default Favorite shows?

    What have been your favorite shows before?

    What are your favorite shows that have been on recently (including the past year or two) ?

    The core of the shows I watch are based around Superheroes/Characters with powers and I used to love The Flash and Arrow a lot more than I do now; it's not that I hate them, but they have both had way better seasons.

    Currently one of my favorites is DCs Legends Of Tomorrow, sure it's a bit odd/quirky, but it's a good cast of characters, which I feel are played pretty well, and I find most episodes entertaining, and they all seem to end well.

    That is my biggest problem with Arrow, and The Flash, they seem to build up too slow, or too quick, and at the end it all feels very UnClimactic.

    I also really loved The Originals, but I didn't like the ending of the last 2 seasons.

    Also I loved Lucifer, but then it got canceled, but apparently Netflix picked it up, so that's great news for me.

    I also loved Daredevil, The Iron Fist, and The Punisher on Netflix; though the last season of Daredevil was kinda lame (I wish they had a different villain, I grew tired of Wilson Fisk quick).

    There are several others that have seemingly either ended this season or I'm waiting to return though (granted that hopefully none of them got cancelled)

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    Game of Thrones, Stranger Things & The Gifted are my favourites.

    I am interested in watching more of The Flash.

    Seriously looking forward to season 3 of Young Justice.

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    I loved "Stranger Things" and I can't wait until season 3 aires. My daughter and I washed the Netflix mini "The Haunting of Hill House". I enjoyed "American Horror Story" and I'm finishing the new season of "Dr. Who".

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    I liked Stranger Things and loved early seasons of American Horror Story, the last season was kinda Mediocre overall, I mean it had some good episodes, but some were lame and they ended the season pretty quickly.

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    For me I like NCIS, fantom works, mom, supernatural, MacGyver
    NCIS has been kind of dry since Abby left the show I think itís time for the show to end. I used to watch house with Hugh Laurie glad it ended when it did

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