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Thread: How to put on a diaper on yourself

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    Default How to put on a diaper on yourself

    I got SDK's and LittlePawz 40 of count. And I tried to put them on but I keep missing the landing zone. How do I put them on correctly

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    There are multiple different ways, for most Adult Diapers (that have 4 tabs instead of 2, like the SDK, Kiddos and a few others) I like to put the bottom tabs on near the outside edge of the landing zone (where it starts) and then with the bottom tabs in place I slide the diaper on like a Pull-Up, then i tighten the top tabs, then tighten the bottom tabs, and Voila; nice and snug.

    With my Kiddos I will stand up and put the diaper on close to where I want it (trying to have the front and back about equal with each other) then put the Tabs on 1 by one, and usually I have to adjust them once or twice after that for a really snug fit.

    I am still getting used to Kiddos, but I really do love how they fit (with 2 tabs instead of 4 and the waistband on the front and back), it just takes practice.

    Since I have been through many cases of 4 Tab Adult Diapers those are pretty effortless for me, but I know eventually I will get used to Kiddos the same way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AwesomeAlexABDL View Post
    I got SDK's and LittlePawz 40 of count. And I tried to put them on but I keep missing the landing zone. How do I put them on correctly
    Are you doing a standing diaper application or lying down application?

    With the LittlePawz you should put the lower tapes on first to get a good fit around the legs, then the upper tapes.

    For the SDKs, it's not too difficult since there's only one tape per side and the taping panel takes up nearly the whole front of the diaper, just practice without powder and cream so there's no risk of fouling the tapes.

    Also here's the handy ADISC "How to Put On a Diaper" guide.
    Although it's a diaper without a taping panel(Abena M4) used in the guide and it's a lying down application it might help, even just a little.

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    The easiest and best way to put on any diaper for me requires a bit of advanced knowledge. You need to know approximately where one set of tapes should optimally land. So once you get a diaper fitting well, memorize where a set of tapes should be (for me the bottom). i pull my diaper through my legs, and around my thighs i tape that tape on both sides, then i pull it up to my waist and tape the top tapes. This lets the diaper hang in the proper position as you tape the final tapes.

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    I take randy's method to the next level. I have a 42" belt line overnight and a 41" during the day, so I can pre-tape the tops easily. The lowers are usually at the same spacing/angle/distance relative to the top tapes on any diaper. So I can pre-tape all four tapes before pulling up / shimmying up my diaper for a perfect, snug, wrinkle-free fit every time. Also saves time when you need to put on a diaper in a hurry, if you have one pre-taped and ready to go. Bonus points there on some diapers, whose tapes' grip improves over time. By the time you pull on a diaper that's been pre-taped hours ago, those tapes are on with a much better grip. (pre-taping doesn't work well for velcro, when velcro is pulled on at an angle while you pull up your diaper, it tends to immediately peel off)

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    In addition to the great tips others have said, for taping up the Pawz I would add make sure the back of the diaper is slightly higher than or level with the front. This makes sure you can still angle the bottom tapes down slightly to get the good seal around your legs while allowing the tapes remain on the landing zone.

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    The big thing when it comes to diapering is practice. Practice, practice, practice. It takes a little time to get your right fit down, not to mention not all diapers have the same cut and fit. There are plenty of different ways to do it, some more effective than others depending on your body, but experiment, try a few things out, and see what works best.

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    I'd also add, don't forget to memorize where the tapes end up at when you do get a good fit. This way you can just put the tapes in the same spot next time without the hassle of worrying it's right or not. You'll get a quick and perfect fit each time too.

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    I only wear goodnights pull-ups so obviously its easy for me.

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    I put the diaper between my legs and press it against the wall with my back to hold it. Bottom tabs first then the tops. If you screw up, keep some masking or duct tape handy if the tabs can't be re used. It takes practice.

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