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Thread: Inevitable Incontinence?

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    Default Inevitable Incontinence?

    Well, lets see...quite a few years back I was diagnosed with Beckers muscular dystrophy, a disease that slowly eats away at my muscles and leaves me handicapped later in life...I might have ten more years of being able to walk.

    That said, have any of you heard of this disease causing incontinence? I'm not sure how things are gonna turn out...but it just seems like something could happen...should I even be worrying about this? Thanks...

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    *hugs* sorry to hear that, I cant comment on your condition...I have a condition that makes my ans go out of order whenever i stand which yes, sometimes effects my bladder i am padded full time just in case .

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    My dad has some form of the disease (MD) himself. His isn't that bad but it got to one of his eyes in childhood so he can't move one of them though he can still see out of it.

    The thing I hate about it is he always uses it as a crutch to get people to feel bad or to explain I can't do this because I have MD. It's a load of bullshit since he could do just about anything, he can read fine print just fine with the aid of a magnifying glass which most people his age (50+) need anyways.

    Anyways it's always a possibility with MD, pretty much it can attack any group of muscles it wants. It can range from very mild to server however.

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    Wow... that's gotta be a hell of a thing to have hanging over your head. In either case... you would probably be better off getting in touch with a MD support group and asking your questions there. There are a lot of different possibilities from what I understand of the disease... so anything could happen.

    Just pray that stem cell research hurries up eh?

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    I haven't heard of Becker's, but I myself have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, type 3. It's covered under the Muscular Dystrophy umbrella. Of course all disorders aren't the same, but I don't suffer any incontinence with mine. Welcome to MDA, Helping Jerry's Kids is a great resource for more information.

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    Well it depends - you bladder and bowels are largely controlled by your lower spinal cord, only if it is that, or the area of your brain which controls it were to be damaged by the condition, would you then become incontinent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajsco View Post
    Well it depends - you bladder and bowels are largely controlled by your lower spinal cord, only if it is that, or the area of your brain which controls it were to be damaged by the condition, would you then become incontinent.
    Yeah, you got a point there...I can imagine having a little trouble here and there because of lack of muscle tone, but nothing more than maybe a leak or two on a rare occasion...

    That said, that probably means I'll only have to deal with having someone help me to the bathroom and stuff when i gotta go. thanks for the advice guys

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    Oh bro... you know Id gladly help ya if it came to that...
    Tho... might kinda be in the same place :/

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    From the wikipedia: "People with this disorder typically experience progressive muscle weakness of the leg and pelvis muscles, which is associated with a loss of muscle mass (wasting). Muscle weakness also occurs in the arms, neck, and other areas, but not as noticeably severe as in the lower half of the body."

    So, incontinence is a possibility. Here's the article, should you be interested:

    Becker's muscular dystrophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And...good luck. I hope it's not as bad as it could be.

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    Hmmm, not sure how this is going to turn out. From what I have researched, the only real information I need is locked away on sites for doctors and such. Looks like nobody wants to talk about the topic...*sigh* some people are real pansies when ti comes to bodily functions anyways..but yeh, its a topic not really discussed when talking about MD. From what I found, problems related are not common, but possible, as some studies have found people with beckers and duchenes MD have had bladder/bowel issues, and of course problems with mobility. Well..thats pretty far down the road anyways, by the time I can;t walk I'm sure there will be a cure availble

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