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Thread: Experiencing bowel issues, wondering about the best products for my situation

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    you absolutely want a full brief and probably some plastic pants, calmoseptine or a like barrier product helps a lot, you can also use chlorophyll tablets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmahtherebel View Post
    Thanks for the advice y'all. I'm still considering my options. ABDL or not, still not easy to have to go 24/7 at the age of 27. Working late tonight so decided to wear an M4 just in case... until I figure out what's causing this and get it in check.

    believe me its not that mush easier when older either dear i would just like to ad one thing i UNDERSTAND the inconvenience of having to change on the job BUT i would still STRONGLY advice you to do so as soon as possible after you had a BM dear. Walking around al day with a loaded diaper will NOT be pleasant for you hon TRUST me on this. Good luck and dont be afraid to come back if you need more advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missy1 View Post
    Walking around al day with a loaded diaper will NOT be pleasant for you hon TRUST me on this.
    Not to mention anyone you work with or interact with.

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    If you're only bowel IC during the day, you don't need a particularly thick diaper. Coverage, and - if you're getting very loose diarrhoea - quick absorbency are what you need. Personally, I find a Tena Slip Plus is thin and discreet and does the job well. If you're concerned about smell - i.e. if you won't get a chance to change quickly or are prone to doing stinkers, then a pair of decent plastic pants over the top will help considerably. If you're only experiencing small amounts of leakage - a bit of mucus and tiny bits of crap from farting - then I find Attends faecal pads work well. And if you can get them (in the UK they're prescription only), I find Renew Inserts can be pretty useful - especially if you don't want to wear a diaper at work - though they do have their limitations.

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