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Thread: It just feels good to wear a diaper.

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    Default It just feels good to wear a diaper.

    Like I said, it just feels good to wear a diaper. For 3 years after my heart attacks I catheterized myself 24/7 just so I could get a good nights sleep. Now that I'm weened off of them I'm wearing diapers at night and pull-ups during the day. Putting on a diaper with a booster pad inside wraps my whole area with comfort and cuddles for a good nights sleep. Plastic pants hold in any leaks and a cotton Dignity Washable Pant with Built-In Protective Pouch keeps the plastic from rubbing inside my thighs. It may seen a bit much to sum but at my age a good nights sleep is everything.

    Now that I'm ready for bed I can slip under the covers and fully relax knowing that I can make it through the night. No more getting up to use the bathroom, the bedside bottle, or to make sure the tube isn't kinked. I gently relax, let the warmth flow and fall right back asleep. In the morning I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. It's a wonderful feeling to wake up and have a huge warm wet bulge between your legs.

    There are days that I know when a pull-up isn't going to be enough. I'll have a lot of errands to run and we've all seen what some of those public restrooms look like. Even going in them to stand up is not the best so I'll diaper up and hit the streets. When the urge comes along I can just relax and let it happen. Frankly it's kind of a turn on when no one knows what you're doing. Even if I don't wet myself I just feel good wearing a diaper and knowing I can have a tinkle anytime I want.

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    Especially after saturating the one you have on. I don't mind a damp diaper, because I have time to change it. but a totally saturated diaper is not comfortable and leaks.

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    Hi Bellybag58

    I know what you mean. I wear diapers for my incontinence but I also love the comfort I get from them as the lower half of my body is in severe chronic pain, and it really helps my self-esteem, knowing the most sensitive area of my body is protected and safe from any accidents. Getting a good nights sleep is also really hard for me so they help with that too. Normally I wear Tena Flex in the day but I sometimes wear thicker taped diapers if Im out for long periods without having acccess to a toilet.

    Breathe Deep, Seek Peace

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    Oh yeah, a warm and wet diaper is the best feeling, and the comfort and security they give when you use them overnight helps soooo much for getting a good nights rest. I even really like that heavy and saturated feeling from using the same diaper all day. Though using the right diaper you can trust won't leak is really important for maintaining that comfort level.

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    I've tried a lot of brands and they've all leaked to different extents. Plastic pants give me the comfort level I need to get through the night without wetting my bed. I only dribble a little here and there during the day so pull-ups do the job. At night I want to sleep through the night so I go all out. Wearing it all for a few hours before bed just feels great and really turns me on. (E.D. not withstanding.) When the alarm goes off in the morning I feel great. I mean I really feel good in a diaper and wish I didn't have to wear anything else all day long. (Maybe socks cause my feet get cold.) I know we all need them for one reason or another but jump in all the way and embrace the comfort they give. Don't care what someone else might think if they saw or found out, tell em' "Try it, you might like it" and shake your hips at them with a smile. Heck, I think I just might relax and warm mine up right now..... See, that wasn't so bad now was it.

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    It all depends on the situation...

    Sometimes Im happy. It feels comfortable to wear a fresh diaper knowing that I will be protected and that spontaneous peeing will be no issue. Also, new diapers feel comfortable.

    Sometimes, when the diaper is soaked (or even worse soiled with fecal excrements), I dispise my incontinence and the need to wear diapers. I sometimes come home from work, wet and tired. Then I take a shower and lay on the bed, naked, trying to get rid of the diaper feeling.

    I admit to enjoy moments when I pee in my diaper while talking to other people, knowing that they have no clue about what is going on inside my body. Also, being diapered has the advantage that you dont need to worry about finding the next bathroom. I had troubles with my bladder control even before being diagnosed incontinent; starting to wear diapers was - in this aspect - a relief to be.

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    ... overall...

    I'm incontinent and have no choice to do something about my "leaking". Sometimes is nice and reassuring to wear a diaper, sometimes I just would like not to depend on it

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    I can relate to the comfort and peace of mind from wearing diapers. It is a relief to be able to go when the urge strikes, no matter the situation or place, without any worries.
    Diapers have definitely been a positive thing for me, though not the reason why I am back in diapers, this time for good.
    But a comfy warm and wet diaper does feel good, just not a soaked one.

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