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    Iím a big fan of exploring abandoned place I can access (legally of course) and looking around and taking pictures and stuff. There something about decaying structures, definitely older ones, thatís kind of beautiful. You never know what sights and wonders you'll find and some of the architecture you cant find any were else. I know it can be dangerous, but its kind of fun. What are your thought on this, would any of you explore an abandoned place. Have any stories maybe?

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    I used to do this with my friends when I was a kid, approx. junior high age. We were sort of like the kids in the movie "Stand By Me". One time one of my friends knew of an abandoned house sort of out in the woods. He lead us to the house and there was yellow tape and a sign saying trespassers would be prosecuted. It was a very old, two story wood frame house and it was easy to break in. We looked around from room to room until we saw a sign that said, "Quarantine - Diphtheria". We screamed and ran out. I think that was my last break in as a kid.

    I still love to go to old historical sites and I'm more than willing to pay for the legal entrance fee.

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    I'm a fan. In college, a group of us organized and devoted ourselves to exploring all the parts of the university we weren't supposed to go. In hindsight, it was dumb. It could easily have gotten us kicked out of school and ruined our lives--or greatly slowed them, anyway. I no longer do "active site" explorations. In recent years, however, some friends and I have taken to "ghost-towning." That is, driving/hiking out into (usually) the middle of nowhere and checking out the abandoned ruins of old towns. There's an old logging town a few hours from me that I've been out to about half a dozen times now--one of my favorites. It took a few trips to find what I believe to be all the houses that are still standing.

    It falls into the category of UE, despite not being particularly urban.

    Play safe.

    One of my UE-ing buddies from my college days was near Kiev on business over the summer and ended up going to Chernobyl and Pripyat. Those are sort of my idea of a UE Mecca. Some day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post

    One of my UE-ing buddies from my college days was near Kiev on business over the summer and ended up going to Chernobyl and Pripyat. Those are sort of my idea of a UE Mecca. Some day!
    Damn id love to go to Chernobyl. Ive been trying to get some friends together to explore for awile but no wants to. Small town syndrom I geuss.

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    We spent a lot of time mapping out the tunnels under our University campus. Fortunately, we had a plausible excuse to be down there (we had received authorization to string communications wiring down there for the campus radio station). We did end up locked in one of the under-construction buildings. Fortunately, we were good friends with a couple of the campus security officers, so we called one to have him let us out.

    Years ago (long before 9/11) when you could legally do so as long as you did it during regular office hours, I'd spend days wandering around the US Capitol complex. There's lots of odd little halls and passages in that building and several levels under ground. On an architect's tour I even got to climb the dome (and there was a ladder heading up into the cast statue on top, so I figured if I climed that high I should go all the way).

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    There's an island near the coast of Taiwan where one of my fellow exchange students lived with his host family. That island (Kinmen) is populated, but pretty sparsely.

    As you may be aware of, Taiwan and China aren't on the best of terms, and since Kinmen is located between Taiwan and mainland China, it has become a bit of a military base. Though a lot of those military installments are active and not accessible for tourists, one particular building has been abandoned. This building - part look-out towers, part underground - can be reached by foot only when the tide is low, otherwise the path leading towards it gets flooded. My friend and I decided to explore a bit, and though nothing was locked or otherwise forbidden to enter, it did feel very eery and like we shouldn't really be there. At the time, we were the only people there, though it was obvious that the place is frequently visited - probably by other tourists, wanting to have their own little adventure.

    The next story happened on the same island, though with a vastly different context. As I said, Kinmen is populated, but most inhabitants live in a cluster of modern buildings, while a part of their historical village is being used as a tourist attraction. Once you move past the polished plaster and brightly coloured curtains, it's a different view though: Narrow alleys, uneven pavements, dusty red bricks. We wandered those empty streets for quite a while, and then came across a two storey building that looked like it had sprung from a Studio Ghibli movie: Half-collapsed stairs, window frames with missing glass, holes in the roof, but perhaps the most spectacular thing were the greenery sprouting from every nook and cranny, filling doorways and peeking out the windows, making the whole building look like an enchanted garden. I wish we could have gone inside, but every entrance was blocked with metal bars.

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