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    Default Want a good laugh?

    When I got out of the shower tonight I heard my dad laughing in the living room so I thought he found some gooe comedy on HBO or something and it turns out I was right. It was some Australian dude that was really funny I asked my dad for the name and he said Jim Jeffries. My father, mother and I couldn't stop laughing at how funny this guy is.

    Warning: Don't watch unless you have a strong stomach.

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    "I never meet a intresting person in life who didn't drink. If you don't drink your a boring cunt and all your stories suck!" - Jim Jefferies

    That is... HILARIOUS not since it's funny (it isn't at all even with the tone he said it in) but everyone laughed at it. I hope that's his only bad joke and I hope that's the only time he insults the people that are paying him.

    Anyways if you like this guy check Danial Tosh out.

    Edit: I am about 10 mins in and all he has really done is make fun of religious people say Jesus was a midget, Noah was a even smaller midget, Adam and Eve inbreed and yet they had a server lack of retarded people. Now I am not giving up on him about being funny, but saying 75% or more of the earth's population is wrong about how they thing human's came about isn't that funny. If it was then Darwin would have been the funniest guy ever.

    I am not giving up hope for this guy to be funny, and I have laughed at some stuff. But for the most part it's been about mocking religious people which is okay since he is atheist and doesn't give a shit. Okay.. I just finished watching nearly all of it, though the last bit was all about self masturbation and shopping at a "porn warehouse" etc, so I skipped past that hoping there was some more "good" jokes There wasn't.

    I feel a bit let down, I don't think the guy is that funny and the audience thinks he is great despite him being a dick, admitting it and saying he doesn't give a fuck and that's funny. Now.. for whoever here thinks most if not all of his jokes in this special are funny, for the love of god don't go out and give negative rep to anyone here unless they are a pedophile or lying out their you know what. Since really, you laugh at a guy offending people and maybe even you on a stand up special. but god forbid anyone on adisc is a asshole just like this guy is.
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    Watched a couple of YouTube videos and didn't find him funny.


    The Studs vs. Sluts stuff was okay, other stuff just didn't do down well. I guess it's just a totally different humour as very little of what he said was actually funny.

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