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Thread: My baby boy wants to go incontinent

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    My baby boy came to me today and said he wants to be incontinent. So he doesn’t get the choice, at all.
    Now, there are a few things that concern me: Price. I’m currently working a near minimum wage job and pricing would be difficult, and my baby boy volunteers.

    My baby’s job: He’s on his second year as a special constable, so wearing 24/7 wouldn’t be the best. After the end of this year, he can apply to become a full time officer.

    I’m fine changing, and fine keeping him wearing 24/7. Just does the risks outweigh the positives?
    You don't want to be incontinent, it's one thing to want to wear a diaper all the time, but there are times not having a choice can be a literal pain in the ass. Picture a situation where you either due to cost or just general unavailability can't get the supplies you need... tell him to give wearing a year a try but not to try anything to push problems.

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    Hi but what you can do so can see what it will be like is get him Catherised with an indwelling one left open so have no control over it

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