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Thread: Anyone find the #MeToo thing pretty annoying?

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    This is a difficult topic for me to discuss, mainly because I was "sexually assaulted" by an older lady in my teens. She was in her early-twenties and I was 16. I knew her for years and had a crush since. That was almost 40 years ago. I put sexually assaulted in quotes because I was a completely wiling participant. I knew exactly what I was doing. Who would have believed me anyway.
    Most of my peers knew about it and I was eager to accept their praise. The lady was very good looking and nice.
    If I were to say anything today the only thing that would probably happen to her is her life would be destroyed, as well as her children, spouse, and the rest of her family.
    Had the roles been reversed I would have gone too jail or at least been shamed as a pedophile even though only a few separated us.
    I was also wrongfully accused it happened when I was not even in the same country. I had left a week before. I did not even know till I returned a year later. the victim was extremely drunk and the jerk had a truck like mine, and looked allot like me. So, the victim assumed it was me. Luckily one of the investigators knew both of us and got the right guy. He's in prison for a long time.
    Imagine a senior in high school starts a relationship with a freshman once the senior turns 18 any type of interment contact is a crime by the older.
    I think that someone who has reached a level of intelligence to understand their actions at the time cannot claim that they were seduced 20+ years ago. Cases where two teems or young adults are fooling around is just that.
    Now my next point: If someone is forced, coerced or unable to give consent in an unwilling act that should be a crime.
    Lastly because I don't want to gone for too long is
    MOTIVATION: The motivation of the accuser should be taken into account; What does the accuser stand to gain, is it fame, fortune or an attempt to slander the accused?
    TIMING: Did the accuser have the opportunity and means to present claims prior to the time they were made. Was the emotional and physical situation of of the accuser well enough?
    There are plenty of other factors involved also. I don't think there can be any blanket way of handling such an emotional subject. Each case should be examined as that in it's own merits with out the prejudice of others cases.

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    I find the #Metoo movement fundamentally dangerous and completely counter productive the aims it claims to achieve, and also the fundamentals of a fair justice system. In fact I feel there are fundamental flaws in sexual assault laws. As someone who was sexually molested when I was 12 a lot I have seen scares me.

    First of in regards to the law (or perhaps how it is applied) when alcohol is involved. In cases where a man and woman are equally intoxicated and later on accuses the man of rape as she was too drunk to consent... by that logic he was too drunk to consent too so the woman should be charged... or better yet no one. In fact I believe until fairly recently the FBI did not believe a woman could rape a man... or was it simply a man could not be raped.

    As for #MeToo, it's the Salem Witch Trials all over again, If a woman said it happened, we have to believe her and if you dare to ask questions of her story, point out evidence which contradicts the story or even so much as demand that due process be respected, you are labelled as a Rape Apologist trying to maintain the evil Patriarchal rape culture or some other BS. In fact a believe there was a case in Australia where a woman was convicted of sexually assault quite a large number of boys at a boarding school or something, got an extremely light sentence.... a man would have been dragged behind a car pelted with rocks and spent 700 years in jail. Their is a horrific inconsistency when applying sexual assault laws, I don't think a penis or vagina should have any effect in how they are applied.

    I am also wary of additional claims, Person "A" accuses "Famous Figure 624" of raping them and suddenly 212 others come forward claiming the same it does not seem right, especially is it happened years and years ago.

    The big case recently being the Kavenaugh one, was troubling. I do not know if he was guilty or innocent, if Ford was telling the truth or lying, but the whole thing smelt awful. If Fords allegations were true I feel sorry for her, but the evidence I heard didn't reach probability let alone beyond reasonable doubt... but she was used by the Democratic Party for a political hit job. I don't think they cared. She was credible enough to throw the story out there, but beyond that I think they just hoped that mob rule would prevent the confirmation.

    And then I was reading about a case in BC, where an author and I think head of their creative writing department pretty much got royally screwed over by the movement... or the beginnings of it anyway.

    Each case has to be looked at individually, when I came forward there was not enough evidence to go any further, it's not some big oppressive machine trying to protect a non existent rape culture.

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    I used to care about politics. But SJW's constant praise and support really makes me sick. Especially the people ignorant of them supporting their backward ideas to be used as a tool to discriminate and treat people badly. Due Process needs to come back, people shouldn't just get to make false claims without being punished. Everything is being ruined by politics today, nothing is okay to like or say anymore. I honestly couldn't care less about the grizzling drivel both party's engage in. Is it so hard to be civil? Its really hard to be young and having to listen to this at my college. Pink taxes, content Trump jokes, Columbus was evil, Thanksgiving is a bad holiday, white people and Atheists are privileged along with Christians. A lot of people are just pretentious about their political beliefs. For asking the last question I was discriminated against by the head of disability and coordination at my college for not making eye contact, shaking my leg, and was called rude for doing so. I'm Autistic, ignore it, adapt, or leave me alone if you cant play nice. When will people just treat me like a human being? Conservatives and Liberals need to get their house in order, I don't want to associate myself with any of them any more

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