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Thread: Well. I started writing again. Here’s the first piece of a short story.

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    Default Well. I started writing again. Here’s the first piece of a short story.

    I was inspired by the latest Wreck-It Ralph movie. I like writing sometimes, so here we go. If the first bit is well received I will append more to this post. (may not make sense if you haven’t seen the movie.)

    Part 1- Thanks, now I’m glitchy all over.

    "Holy moly he almost got away!" Venellope jumped out of her green convertible and ran to the leather clad Shank. "But you got him at the last second kiddo!" She reached down for a high five but scooped the tiny girl into her arms instead. They laughed and headed for the garage to reset the mission. As V chattered about some super awesome jump, Shank noticed a tiny glitch across her leg. Not the full body, conscious glitch, but one that didn't even slow down her babbling. She thought back, this was the 3rd one this week. She interrupted the babbling, "Are... you feeling okay V?" she stopped and held the kid out in front of her, legs dangling. "Of course silly! That was awesome! Did you see when..." She continued babbling as they entered the garage. There was something up. "Hey, I'm worried about the kid.” Shank and Flame were behind the console doing update work. "V? she is doing great. She has respawned perfectly a couple times now, and this is the 3rd code scan we have done. There is nothing physically wrong with her.” Shank looked worryingly at the readout. "Sure, but she is glitching out a lot lately. Maybe I should just go talk with her.” Shank approached a resting Venellope. A small lollipop doll in her arms, her hair clipping in an out of the pad she laid on. "Hey kiddo, how ya doing?” She said sitting down next to the candy covered princess. Venellope stared into the ceiling, squeezing her toy. As Shank reached out she turned over and away from her. "I.. I miss Ralph." Shank's face softened as she laid a hand on the girl's shoulder. "I know you do. Why don't you go visit him?" V sighed and rolled to face her racer friend. "It's not that. See, I used to do this thing with him." Shank blushed at hearing this. "Wait, what did he do to you?" she said working into a hushed tone and leaning in. "No, not gross stuff silly! I don't think he was even programmed with…" Shank cut her off. "Let's... just forget I said that.” V flopped onto her back, doll falling away dramatically. "I used to lay on his chest and watch the stars. Hearing his heartbeat, feeling all warm. It felt safe ya know? Like.." The words drifted away. How could shank understand the feeling of the giant pulling his broken overall bib over her as they laid together in the grass? The amazing calmness that comes from complete trust. Of... more? than friendship? "You weren't programmed with a backstory were you?" Shank moved back as V sat up. "Not really, just that i am a princess and i rule over the other racers.” She looked down at her doll. "Nothing about parents, or a family..." She sighed heavily. "Your game has been around for years and you have never had a family?" Shank sat upright. and Vanellope looked away. "You are 9 years old and you have been on your own this whole time?" V's leg glitched away almost completely for a moment. "eyyup. That's me. But I wasn't programmed to need one. I am just a racer." Shank put her hand under the tearing girl's chin and pulled her eyes toward hers. "You weren't programmed to slam tattooed men's trucks into flaming spike traps either, but I know i saw that today." V giggled softly and sniffled, wiping her gumdrop nose. "Maybe I should go talk with him huh."

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    I didn’t know there was a stories section. Admin please move this thing.

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