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    Anyone have any fetishes they found out of nowere or didnt even know they had? For me it would have to be a disney princess fetish. I didnt realy think about it till working at a department store. I swear every other thing has a princess on it. I dont even know what about It I like.

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    That seems sort of standard. It's not as though I go looking for fetishes or kinks. I suppose if you mean it in the sense if something fully formed that just comes as a surprise when you see it, maybe not. Still, I have experienced some with a fairly rapid onset. It's all on a lower tier than diapers in any event.

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    Honestly no. I've always know what has turned me on by the tell tale sign of getting a hard on.

    I'd recommend extreme caution with working in a disney store too. Even walking around with an arousal in that store could lead to some serious trouble for you.

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    I've definitely developed fetishes. I know the diaper thing for me started way back in the day as more of a wetting/messing thing but then evolved. But honestly this makes sense. The brain is plastic, we couldn't learn anything new if it weren't. It's common, for example, for the spouses of amputees to develop a "fetish" or sexual liking for their loved one's partial limb, even if this person had both limbs at the start of their relationship.

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    Panties and diapers definitely are fetish items for me. It started in grade school and has progress ever since.

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