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Thread: Why is the human bladder control so imperfect?

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    @BoundCoder: Yeah, I suspect that there is no evolutionary pressure to make this system perfect. While I suppose some primates might attract predators due to the smell of their feces and urine, most are very loud and live in large, not-easily-hidden groups anyway. There just wasn't really a biological need to.

    I mean, if it mattered a lot evolutionarily, who the heck would nature keep bladder and bowel control right at the end of the spinal cord? Any problem or injury further up and you'll have problems with it. Not really sensible.

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    Yeah, a bluetooth enabled on/off switch would be great! A new phone app in the works.

    What would you label your device when pairing? Just don't get bluetooth hacked!

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    I suspect there's just no evolutionary pressure to improve it. Perfect control doesn't really matter in nature and when the majority of people start encountering issues, they have already had kids.

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    yeah, once you've have had children, the fact is that evolution no longer cares about you. Or your bladder.

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    hey, all ofyou areusing the equipment well past the original warrenty. animals are only meant to be around long enough to replace themselves. the human body starts reproducing around 13. then the caregiver (mom) needs to be around long enough to raise the next generation, so maybe another10 to 15 years. after that you have to buy an extended warrenty--and it myexperience they never pan out. good luck suing themanufacturer, we are just made up of old monkey parts that didnt work too well for climbing trees;

    "hey, i have a silly idea, why dont we just loose the tail and make this one only walk on its back legs, that will be good for a laugh..."


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