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Thread: any aviation experts/enthusiasts here?

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    so, we're guessing somewhere between

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    Just found
    Follow the link for the plans (although it's hard to see why you'd need them as you can see from the photos how they're made)

    Hmm, so far, it seems that I've put most of the effort into this project.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    Hmm, so far, it seems that I've put most of the effort into this project.
    you know what? just shut up. i'll do this shit by myself like i originally intended, i don't need to hear all this crap about doubting my abilities. you can all feel stupid about yourselves once i post a video of the finished thing in action and then you'll see it's possible to leave the ground using nothing but cheap materials

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    We're not questioning that it's possible, we're pointing out that it's extremely likely to be very dangerous. The reasons neither Orville or Wilbur were hurt include never exceeding about 5 feet of altitude or an airspeed of 11 mph.
    For the most part, we're not trying to tell you not to do this, we're trying to point out everything that you appear to be overlooking or unaware of; modern aerospace engineering is a complex, intricate, well-developed discipline. Contemporary flight regulations tend to require quite a bit of information before you can even get off the ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexia View Post
    i just thought that if they could build a flying machine all the way back in 1903 i should be able to do the same since i have a lot of better materials available.
    1903 was a wildly different time. The FAA was more than half a century away. The Wright Brothers also
    started with kites and gliders, had a wind tunnel, and had spent years studying aerodynamics and building prototypes and mock-ups before they embarked on the Flyer.

    You may not intend to do a barrel roll, but do you know what effect a 40 bank has on an airframe? 30? Landing forces on gear? How will your design fare in a stall-spin?

    I think it's a great idea, but I don't think you're ready to tackle it yet. You don't know what you don't know.

    Do you have a pilot certificate?

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    I grew up with parents that flew a J3 in the late 50's. I had the bug of flying in me at birth. I have flown some scary ultralights and homebuilts back in the 70's, two of the planes I few people I knew die flying them. Late 70's i got my ticket to fly real planes (from real controlled airports) and still would fly "better Utlralights" my favorite back then was an elippler quicksliver , center of gravity control that i could take off and land just about anywhere.
    I always laid awake at night thinking that i could build a light home made airplane that i would never fly anywhere where the long arm of the government could tell me i couldn't.
    I admire your passion for your dream don't stop dreaming and one day you can for-fill this dream. Is it going to be dangerous ,, yes? you could easily kill yourself, watch some of peters videos, I suspect that some day we will hear that he got hurt doing this sort of thing , but he does it.
    Wire, wood and cloth, any power you can get your hands on, is it going to be fast ? nope! is it going to be safe? nope! is it going to be league? nope ! will it ever leave the ground? It can. I wish that the internet was around when i was flying junk in the 70's I would of made my own plane just to say as you want to I BUILT THAT and IT FLEW. Best of luck keep us informed

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