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Thread: Wearing while driving, again

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    Default Wearing while driving, again

    I've read quite a few posts about this and added my two cents to some of them. I don't have a question about whether one should wear and drive or the relative merits thereof. I put on a diaper today for a two and half hour drive. It's the not the first time I've worn while driving either. But here's the thing: not twnety minutes into the ride I had to pee and couldn't. I can wet in any other position besides driving, and at the end of that two and half hour ride, I wakled into my apartment and flooded my diaper before setting my keys down. I really had to go, and typically my wetting is so passive I have to try to recall whether I've already wet or not when I'm in a relatively new diaper. But even actually trying to force it, I couldn't drive and pee at the same time. Anybody else experience this, and if so, have you been able to overcome it? Of course, in all likelihood this is one of those, "with experience it will come" kinda deals.

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    As soon as I saw your thread title, that's the first thing I thought of! I think it is the seated position and must be something to do with tummy/groin muscles. On the other hand, pilots manage, so I am sure it could be trained with practice.

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    I figure it has to do wth posture and muscles. I can't walk and pee at the same time. Maybe the same is true for any contraction of the leg mucles, like working the gas and brake. Also, a driver's seat does sink backward a bit, so my butt slightly lower than my front. Not a position condusive to urinating.

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    It must be something about the position. I have little or no problem cutting loose standing, lying down, while walking, whatever. While driving its tough. Doable, but tough.

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    It takes some practice... and it's not easy... it has a lot to do with posture.

    I've found the best thing for me to do is set the cruise control and lift my butt up off the seat... then I can go. IDK what it is about the driving position specificly... I can go while sitting on the couch or in a chair no problem. But in a car things are somewhat different.

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    Okay... next time you are diapered, go sit in the car and try to wet. It's not as easy as you think.

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    The important thing is not to force yourself to pee or hold it in. I had a friend who kept doing both actions and he suffered permanent kidney damage. So if you have to pee and you can't do it sitting down, pull over and get out of the car if you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Okay... next time you are diapered, go sit in the car and try to wet. It's not as easy as you think.
    Yes it is. For some of us.

    I can pee while driving, while sitting at the movies, while sitting on the subway, while sitting on a plane, while sitting on a roller coaster, while sitting . . . .

    You get the point.

    No advice for the OP. Just wanted to pitch in for my team.

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    The first time I tried, I was able to do it. The only problem is that I lose some focus while driving, so it's probably not the safest thing to do. It's not too hard though.

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