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Thread: Finally Accepting My Incontinence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinotopian2002 View Post
    Hi guys

    Thanks for all of your support.

    I'm fully aware that worse things can happen to us, physically and mentally, from my own experiences, as I'm unable to walk very far because of my nerve pain. I never anticipated that the same illness would put me in nappies too, or that it would take me over 10 years to find out the two issues were linked. Had someone had told me this sooner, say when I was 20, it would have still been hard to deal with, but then I wouldn't have had to deal with so many years of doubt and fear about what was happening to me. But that's the nature of chronic illness and uncommon symptoms.

    It doesn't matter now. I've spent enough time mourning for what I've lost. I still have a life in front of me. Hopefully the next few years of it will be happier and with fewer life-changing disabilities and incurable chronic illnesses, but I've learnt to hold my breath. Still, it's helped me gain a more positive sense of respect and appreciation for life. My nappies don't hold me back anymore, on the contrary they take me forward without having to worry about finding a toilet. And thanks to my wheelchair I always have somewhere comfortable to sit.

    Breathe Deep, Seek Peace
    Hey, my problems are quite similar! Due to a bad car wreck, my entire nervous system took a bad hit (quite literally). Just on the neurological side, I too will have increasing pain in my leg and knees. I can go 10-15 of standing/walking before the pain is too much. I "had" urge incontinence as a result of that same wreck (which is also very much neurogenic), and even "had" a slowly worsening neurogenic sphincter blockage (when I'd send the signal to relax my sphincter to pee, but got involuntary spasms and tightening instead).

    I also have a neurogenic cough where the nerves in my throat overreact to the natural amount of saliva and mucus that normally gets swallowed (usually without us thinking about it). Except for me, it feels like something is caught in my throat and I get an automatic cough reflex.

    So to sum it up, my leg pain, incontinence, and even my cough are all linked. Just like yours.

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    I'm not at peace yet.... but I'm working on it

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    Yes it took me 6 months to accept it. Lets face it the diaper was an inconvenience. It took a couple of months to know where to change when at work and out and about. I wear a full brief so that is an issue as the tapes and plastic make noise when changing. But I have learned to deal with it. At this point if I was to be able to wear regular underwear it would be a bit uncomfortable.

    Keep with it. Im ok with it and in some instances just find it to be a better choice as going to the bathroom every hour was a serious inconvenience. No long trips are easier as i can wear an overnight diaper and go for hours.

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