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Thread: How to tell if incontinence medication is working

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    I've recently changed my medication for overactive bladder. I'm now taking Tolterodine (4mg). I've not noticed too many changes on this new medication... granted I've only been taking it for about a week now.

    I continue to have at least one accident in the daytime. Sometimes I have more and there are a few days when I have absolutely no accidents.

    I'm wondering how long it will take until I start to notice some differences. It's starting to get a little frustrating as I continue to have these accidents and my pull ups are struggling to adequately contain my accidents.

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    From the little knowledge I have about this type of medications in general and tolterodine in particular, it should have already shown at least some effect, as it's primary target is bladder itself, with nothing in between. However, since it (or any other medication, for that matter) didn't work for me in any way, I can't say anything for certain.
    Also, maybe you should get a better level of protection, if pull-ups are hardly enough?.. It may help you relax a bit, which might lead to improvement of your problem...
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    I would think your best source of information on this would be the doctor that prescribe the new medication.

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    And Leio dear you must also try to have some patience hon. How fast different medicines work or IF is highly individual dear . So as you have only been on this med for 1 week you must give it a few more to let it have chance and youre body as well to acclimatize it self .

    Also reg medicines its NO guarantee that it will work dear. and even if it does work theres no guarantee compleatly remove sed risk of accidents im afraid ,It can decrease the nr of accidents yes, but you sadly still have to stick with the protection as long as you do have them Leio dear.

    And as the others an i have sed im afraid that pull ups seems to NOT be enough to keep you safe anymore dear so again you should try to reconsider youre reluctance towards Taped ones , or may i suggest perhaps adding some extra high absorbing diapers as padding (al you need to do is cut the wings of & punsh some small holes in the INNER (NOT the pull Up ) diaper for extra drainage) in youre Pull ups for extra protection dear ? This way you still get to wear the Pull ups BUT you also have some extra protection with the padding INSIDE youre pull ups so noone sees it .

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    Unfortunately Missy1 is correct in stating the fact that the meds are not 100% effective in most cases, my urologist aggreed that the meds that do help only reduce the number of accidents he felt a 50% reduction was a success. Since theres no way to tell a good day from a bad day before hand I decided to skip the meds and manage my OAB with diapers I can trust. Meds also can have some really bad side effects ie memory loss early stages of dementia to name a few in some patients, my boss is taking a med that is in the same family of meds as one of the meds prescribed for OAB and I have noticed memory retention and problem solving issues since he has been on it for a year.

    Theres no guarantee that you experience issues with the meds and they may work for you only your doctor and your self can decide that, not that I like being back in diapers as an adult but they (betterdry) have proven to be 99.9% effective in keeping my pants dry and 100% in in removing my worry when I have a bladder issue

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    I'll second what's been said by Missy and Rob. The chance that the OAB medications will completely eliminate your accidents is low. I've read a lot of the research and the results are focused on seeing if their is a significant reduction in ic episodes (i.e wetting accidents). I took Detrol some years ago and I experienced the side effects without seeing any change in my bladder issues. Are you experiencing side effects? Talk to your doctor if nothing changes after a few weeks. He/She might suggest increasing the dosage.

    Pull ups are mostly for dribblers. If you flood all at once and multiple times within a short period, you need better protection.

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    I've been on that same med for urge incontinence before. As with most any med, you should see an imrovement withing a few days at most. For me, It didn't work at all though. In fact, I've pretty much had been on ALL urinary related meds at one point or another.

    The absolute best result I ever saw was with myrbetreq I had a 25% reduction in my bladder spasms and intensity, but with the side effect of constant severe dry mouth. Since I still needed diapers with it anyways I opted to skip taking it because the side effect wasn't worth the minor improvement.

    I also second that pullups are for dribbling or minor leakage at best. With OAB you are going to need actual diapers. There are cloth like options available though, if you've got that classic "what if someone notices fear". Check out Northshores air supreme, or something similar to that.

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    One thing I would point out. If you need to know about the drugs. Try it might not be a pharmacist. But it gives you the pros and cons of a medication. I use it for my Seizure medications.

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    Hi Leio,

    I had also Tolterodine and it takes round about 1.5 month to start working for me. How ever at that time I had not one but at bad times maybe 10 accidends over the daytime and wet the bed nearly every night. Meanwhile I’m propably at the same IC level like you - what is for me a big success. I know this is most likely not a big solace for you, but maybe an explanation about the terms “successfull” and “medication”. So it’s propably a bit the same with your daytime accidents as for me with the bed wetting accidents now: I wont that the drugs are stopping this savely.

    I know very well - every daytime accident is one to much and it matters little if it happens every day or every second or third day. Unfortunatly the answer is: Even with a reduction by 50% you might be not happy with the result.

    I think the good news is that there are good chances to improve your degree of continence or at last keep it at this level, but here are drugs only one component. Bladder training and kegel exercices are the others maybe combined with a dedicated diat may help - but this is somthing that should to be discussed with a specialist. How ever also here one keyfactor is: I you have the feeling that the doc is not able to help you checkout and look for different one to get at last a second opinion.

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