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    I was getting my teeth cleaned by my dentist last week and she said it looks like I am grinding my teeth at night. I use pacifiers ocassioally during the day and at night for comfort could this be causing the grind look on my teeth. And if so should I get an adult sized paci. Should that help?!

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    Most definitely get an adult size paci. I use mine quite often and don’t have any problems before I got an adult size pacifier my jaw and teeth would hurt after a extended use.

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    It sounds weird but I feel like they look a bit ridiculous are their any that arenít like HUGE?

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    The grinding pattern on your teeth betray something going on that is not natural.
    Take the clue from your dentist about altering your life style.
    Yes - a larger size of paci will lessen the grinding and lessen the obvious wear on your teeth.
    Now whether it remains anchored in place all night or the period of time in question is another issue.
    Paci's in the range of 3-5 are small - those above that are not altogether that huge - those in the
    3-5 range are like a small sucker - in the 7 range is like a big ole lolly-pop all day sucker.
    With penis size paci's there will be little if any noticeable grinding if any due to the size.
    However if like a dog's toy if bit down and crushed - all bets are off.

    Smart dentist to notice the grinding pattern and warn you of it - sucking one's thumb is another
    give away to a dentist.

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    Oddly enough, I have a family member who had their dentist recently suggest that they either use a pacifier at night or a night-guard to cut down on their grinding

    In all honesty, once you get your adult teeth, it takes a lot to damage or alter them in any way. I've used my adult pacifiers for years now, semi regularly too, as I try to regress every weekend and my dentist continually tells me how healthy and perfect they are. I have heard of people developing a slight under or overbite using adult pacis, but I have yet to hear that pacifier use as an adult increases the likelihood of grinding. So, I would say that your grinding issue is unrelated to your pacifier use.

    As to your question regarding a baby pacifier vs. an adult pacifier, I would scale up my friend

    Baby pacifiers might not effect your teeth any more or less than an adult sized one, but from experience, baby pacis are never very comfortable (at least in my mouth anyways) and they can sometimes make your teeth hurt because they don't sit as naturally in a big persons mouth. There are Adult Pacifiers, Nuk 5 and Nuk 6 in particular, like the ones sold through Babypants or Little For Big, that aren't massive in the slightest. A nuk 5 or a nuk 6 is literally just a larger version of your standard baby pacifier, so it will sit in an adult mouth incredibly naturally and the shield is a little bigger too, which contributes to a much more babyish look when you are using one. Also, as I said at the top of this, if you are having grinding issues, an adult paci could very well help prevent and alleviate that.

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    Thank you all for your awesome insights!! <3 you guys

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    I've been sleeping with a pacifier for about four years. Dentist never remarked about anything. Baby pacifiers are too small. Get an adult size.

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    My guess is that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep and that the tooth wear has nothing to do with using a pacifier. If you are grinding your teeth while awake and using your paci, I think you would be aware of it.

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