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Thread: How often is too much!?

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    Default How often is too much!?

    Hello everyone.

    So my wife/mummy and I have been age playing for roughly 3months such as dummies, Rompers, bottles, toys and teddies and we very recently started including diapers to the age regression too.

    So we mainly age play daily evenings as its the only time we have together due to work & life... But I wonder how often is too much? I love age play as it makes me feel comforted and happy but I know I too have to remember that I am an adult too!

    So the point to this post is really.. How does my wife and I have a healthy balance?


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    Like work-life balance, it's only a problem if spending too much time on one thing starts to affect other things.

    One of the best things about being an adult is having more freedom to decide how you spend your time. I'm sure many members on here who come home tired every evening after a long day's work would love the opportunity to have regular little time and wind down ready for the next day. If you think it helps you cope with other things better, that's a bonus on top.

    If you start turning down invitations to meet up with other friends, you can't take a single weekday evening off for something else, or you stop going out to things you used to do because you're busy playing little all the time instead, then it might be a problem. Otherwise, if it's part of a well-rounded schedule I think it's fine.

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    Seconded, it's only too much when it starts interfering with the rest of your life. If babying out every night works for you and your wife, then don't worry about it.

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    My wife and I enjoy regression alot, she loves having a baby around the house and I love being able to be me. I'm almost in diapers 24/7.
    It took us a long time to understand this but once I excepted who I am and stopped over thinking it, (not saying your over thinking it it was just somthing I did) life became easier.
    Funny thing is my wife excepted it easier then I did, she thinks it's cute having a baby to love and look after.
    We still have adult time as she still needs a husband to love her, but she likes the love and cuddles her baby boy gives her more.
    If it's somthing you both enjoy and it's not causing you any problems enjoy.

    Our home is a happy nursery home now.

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    I had a girlfriend who i met through Instagram, we're both ABDL. You just have to find the right balance. We did stuff together like going to the movies, clubs and eating out as well as time together in private where we could age play.

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    Id say as long as you and youre wife /Mommy is happy about this and al the other aspects of life are still working youre both fine So dont worry hon GO for it

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