When I was diagnosed in 1966 the only closest-to-a-vcr my family had was a camera Grandpa had that was (state of the art at the time) a miniature version of a movie camera like the Bigfoot footage one. We also had a Reel to Reel tape recorder/player. He used it to talk to us when he was stationed in Austria, just before he retired. If some or all of that seems Flintstone prehistoric relics, IT IS! One step above or below using carrier pigeons. It would have been a great diagnostic tool if Grandpa had taken film of me. However, the Air Farts doctors did a good job of diagnosis. The Aspergers diagnosis was in the future. They called it "high function" and also autism was only recently, (then) a diagnosis. 1948. 12 years before I was born. I shudder to think of what I barely avoided. Lobotomy, Ritalin, LSD, exorcism, snake pit, regular beatings... Humane treatment vs being a Lab Rat, "let's do electric shock, see if that helps, if it doesn't it's cool, he's a spaz anyway."