Hello guys,

So, I haven't really properly told you this, but I am quite excited today so I am going to share it right now and hope you feel happy for me.

I started a musical project with a friend of mine, who is a music producer and composer. I approached him, telling him that I wanted to work with him in "personal project". I say personal because this music album we are making is more than just some music for me. It's my therapy, my catharsis to finally explore my feeling, ideas and identity in musical form.

He agreed to work with me, and I help with the musical direction and ideas. I write ALL the lyrics of the album. At first we were a bit adrift but we had an idea of what we wanted to do.

We started working on our first song, and I am happy to say we have a full demo. Working on that song was the most therapeutic and best thing that has happened to me in years. I felt such a relief as we were composing and recording it.

I plant to show it to you all when the time comes, it's still not ready. But it is a special song that speaks about being different, and wishing to be accepted, and eventually finding love in yourself to be proud of who you are.

Also, I wrote an ABDL song.

I knew that this project was gonna reveal my deepest self, so I knew I had to write about being an Adult Baby. In fact, I was working on that song yesterday. It took me a while to put down the right lyrics, but I really like how it turned out.

I definitely want that one on the album. It will be a little hard to explain to my partner the lyrics and the musical direction for that one, but I really want it there.

Anyhow, we're starting a Kickstarter on January to fund the album. I'll keep you posted!