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    Hey guys,

    So, as Adult Babies, it is sometimes hard to find time or space to be the babies we enjoy to be. Either because someone else is home or we just can't be right there be who we are. Even though you know my family is supportive, I'm not regressed every day or wear diapers all the time. I just do that from time to time. Right now it's been hard because we're staying some time with my grandparents.

    But I had found that there is a lot of benefits in small doses of regressions.

    I just close my door and lay in bed, and suck my thumb while holding my plushy or baby pillow. I can stay like that for 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Maybe even an hour. It doesn't matter how long, just closing my eyes and sucking my thumb while holding Kion is good enough for me to have a slight mental regression that will make me feel better afterwards.

    So I highly recommend a healthy dose of daily regressions!

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    I've found that my pacifier is actually a great tool to help with my anxiety. It's no wonder why babies love these things so much, it's so easy to just focus on the suckling, and let my mind just slip into a more relaxed state.
    I also sometimes like to use it while I sketch too. Idk I just like my paci ;u;

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    I seem to now have one all out baby day per week, which like today, is usually Friday. I always sleep with my teddy bear though and I always wear Baby Pants training pants as my underwear, so there is that I suppose.

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    I have daily regression time in the late evening after 11:00 PM before bedtime.

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    I find bed time the easiest way to regress. My wife knows and supports me 100%.
    After a long day at work, when I head to bed I will grab a diaper and my fav toddler pjs, sometimes my wife will dress the baby other times I will dress myself. I'll head to bed grab my paci and fav teddy bear froggy.
    As soon as I get into bed little space takes over for the best nights sleep. Sometimes I dont make the bed before regression starts and my wife makes me crawl to our bed or she will grab my hand and help me waddle to bed.
    I do this almost every night now.
    My wife says since eccepting who I am and regressing each night my overall personal happiness is much better now.
    We are babies and part of this is letting our baby self have time to be who we are.

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    Last week was pretty stressful / busy for me at work, I had 3 days were I ended up working doubles due to unforeseen emergencies, I lost a lot of sleep during those long days, Saturday & Sunday I spent working outside cleaning leaves, stacking firewood, prepping the yard for winter.
    My girlfriend was in and out all day doing shopping stuff and running errands, I didn't know but on Sunday she went to target to pick up a few things and bought new one piece pj's (union suites) she washed them and folded them. Near dark I went into the house, I was dog tired, she told me to stripe down in the basement (we have a tick problem here) and jump into the shower, perfectly normal so far. When I got done she had a diaper set up on the bed, my powder and lotion, she diapered me then to my surprise put on the new pair of pj's (x-mas theme) it was instant regression when she was zipping up the front, I literally melted into the bed fully relaxed, that night I went to sleep rather early, like 8:30 and slept the best in weeks, so a little bit of "little time" is healthy if that's your thing.

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    As I have said, I take time for "regressing" back to being a toddler every single day before bedtime.
    I have awake "hugging time" with my teddy bear, Howard Hug.
    I feel relaxed and happy.
    I also lower myself onto the carpeted floor of my bedroom and I reach into my small green tote bag that is filled with my Matchbox and Hot Wheels toy cars and trucks, and I just mutely play alone by myself for a while before bedtime.

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