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Thread: I've come out to my fiancee as an AB/Little and need advice

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    Question I've come out to my fiancee as an AB/Little and need advice

    Heyo, how's everyone doing?

    So about a year and a half ago I got out of a really bad relationship with my former caretkaer and girlfriend. She was at times physically abusive but mostly mentally and emotionally. I understand how toxic it was it was just hard at the time. I've hooked back with my now fiancee (we've dated a long time before) and i was open to her about my AB/Little stuff and she's very accepting of it and is even trying to take on the caretaker role. she looks to me for advice since the Lifestyle is still new to her and she doesn't have much experience with it yet.

    We tried to do a movie night and she supried me with a plushie and I was very, very happy about that. She's also stated she likes the idea of caring for me and even nursing since I'm usually a wreck anyway. I work long hours and forget to eat sometimes.

    The problem we've been having is that since I split with my ex- I've just had a hard time getting into my head space and I'm not used to being with someone without experience. Any advice for how to make this a healthy part of our relationship?

    P.S. I apologies about my English, english is not my first language, German is but she only speaks English and this is an English speaking forum so I'm doing my best to respect that.

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    Your English is pretty good.

    To your question. Don't try to get into 'head space', just dress up (diaper and whatever) and cuddle watching TV or reading a book together. Over time, as you feel more comfortable, I think you will get back into the head space you want.

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    I've been there. My very first girlfriend/Mommy and even my previous Mommy friend were interested in and willing to take care of a big baby, but they didn't have a clue in the beginning. So, I get how hard this can be, you just want to go full on baby and enjoy yourself with your GF/Fiance/caretaker, but you find yourself having to suspend the mindset in order to walk them through things or to guide them along.

    The first thing to remember is that learning to be a caregiver to an AB takes time, no one is a pro right off the bat and even the professional Mommies and Daddies had to start somewhere. My first girlfriend was absolutely clueless, she had never taken care of an actual baby before let a lone an adult one. Even my Mommy friend who fantasized about caring for an AB for years still needed to ask questions from time to time.

    The best advice I have to give is practice makes perfect. It's common advice I know, but it's possibly the only advice applicable to this situation. Take your time with each other, help her along if she needs it. The more you regress around her and the more comfortable she becomes caring for a big baby the easier it will be for you to enter the mindset you want and the easier it will become for her to care for you properly.

    I found that with my girlfriend/Mommy and my Mommy friend, it was taking the time to talk and be Mommy and Baby around one another that enabled me to regress as deeply as I wanted and got them more acclimated to the role. I can also say that the more I regressed around them and the more questions of theirs that I answered, the more natural everything became. So, yeah, just take your time with one another and you'll see things will become a lot easier and more natural for the two of you

    Best of luck

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    You need time to adjust to the new relationship. Just give it time. As for your fiancee make sure not to take it too far and give it a break every now and then. Being little is fun, but not all the time. We all need rest.

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