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Thread: NorthShore Questions

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    Default NorthShore Questions

    I'm sure this has been asked several times before, so I apologize ahead of time. I haven't done any business with NS before, I have visited several times though, but I was curious about their shipping and had some general questions.

    Do they ship discreetly? And do they bombard you with emails or mail after a transaction?

    I live in an as apartment complex and have a roommate, we share a mailbox and mail duty, so lots of advertisement or promotional mail wouldn't be good for me. As well as the obvious issue with a big branded package addressed to me. I really want to try the new mega mac, but don't need the added hassle of being discovered. Anyway, thanks in advance!

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    Smart move thinking ahead. Ad bombardment is definitely a thing and I can speak from personal experience to the embarrassment it can cause. I can honestly say that this has NOT been a problem with NorthShore Care Supply. My experiences odering from NorthShore Care Supply has always been descrete and pleasant. It seems that instead of bombarding people with ads, NorthShore takes a different approach to get their name out.

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    I've never gotten mail advertisements from them, but I do get the occasional e-mail ad. It doesn't bother me since I live alone. If no one sees your e-mail, you should be good to go. I may have checked a box saying it was okay to e-mail me too. I can't remember.

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    The shipping is discreet. You'll have to opt out of marketing emails when you order but if you slip up, it's easy to disable it later. No random mailings. They typically send a free sample or two along with each order, which seems like a nice bonus to me.

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    Trevor is right.

    The boxes are discretely packed and the return address just says NORTHSHORE/SAMELA as the return address.

    I usually get a couple of samples with each order (usually wipes and a two pack of some brief).

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    Just an FYI--Very rarely, about once every year or two...we will send out a sample of a new product in the mail to a list of customers who are good candidates for the new product. It would be sent in plain unmarked tyvek mailer.

    For example, we could send out MegaMax sample to certain customers that didn't already find out about it elsewhere.

    If anyone wants to opt-out from this type of unsolicited mailing then visit the form at and type in message REMOVE FROM PHYSICAL MAILINGS

    If you haven't already placed an order with us, then please add this message to the comments section at final checkout.

    We are working on upgrading our website to make it much faster which should be done in the spring, and we'll have a place online for this added on the new version of the site. Thanks for your patience.


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    I have been wondering whether Northshore will be seeking to have their new product sold by a distributor in Canada. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences receiving products ordered from the States. Even though there is no customs duty on adult diapers, Canada Customs has spent as long as two or three weeks before finally clearing the diapers I had ordered from the States. Healthwick, located in Oakville, Ontario, is Canada’s largest distributor of adult diapers. It would be great if I could get Northshore’s new MegaMax diaper from them.

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    Don't forget, Northshore now has the Fedex hold at location option too. It doesn't have to go directly to your apartment. Either way though, yes shipping is always discreet.

    You can also create a Fedex account and get email or text alerts for exactly when it gets delivered too.

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    Northshore has hold at location on your nearest Walgreens. Do any store carry Northshore products? I want to get a pack but don't want to wait till it gets here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uggu View Post
    Northshore has hold at location on your nearest Walgreens. Do any store carry Northshore products? I want to get a pack but don't want to wait till it gets here.
    I can already say no, major stores simply do not carry even half decent diapers.

    Wow that would be novel if wallgreens (or any big store) decided to carry Northshore products though. Hey Adam, let me know if that ever happens so I can buy into the stock market.

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