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    I was just thinking how lucking we are to be able to release stress and anxiety with being abdl.
    I have had a few stressful days recently, last night, in the middle of the night I woke up feeling stressed in a cold sweet. My wife noticed and said go get into a better place so you can be carm. What that means is go put a diaper on and your toddler pjs, which is normally my bugs bunny cartoon pj top and and just an sdk diaper. It feels so little to be in a tshirt and diaper. But straight away I start to regress. It's easy for me to be in baby space as I am more a baby inside then an adult.
    So I head to bed and fall asleep. When I wake in the morning (a few minutes ago) I am like carm relaxed and feeling happy.

    Does anyone else find this or think we are lucky?

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    I too am thankful for the opportunity to be a baby when I need to. In the past, when prohibited, I found myself in deep, long term depression. It is so good to be able to respond to regression.

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    I never followed up on my when you're tired post, but when I have the time to regress, diaper up and be my baby self after a hectic day or sometimes even a hectic week, I feel amazingly refreshed, happy and actually thankful for being an AB. There is something so wonderful about waking up diapered, comfy, little and refreshed without a care in the world. Sometimes, when I'm feeling really stressed and I get into my diaper and baby clothes for the first time in a while, I'll parade around my apartment, hugging my stuffies and having fun with a huge smile on my face. Moments like those make me feel incredibly lucky that this is a side of myself, that I have embraced it and that it is such a cute, fun and excellent method of therapy, relaxation and self-care.

    Sure, there are times when being an AB can be an inconvenience, sometimes I get pouty when I can't regress for a while, sometimes diapers can be expensive, dating is probably the most difficult because you are always worried about whether or not people will understand, but setting those quips aside, the benefits far outweigh the negatives in my opinion

    Also, I have been lucky enough to not have had that much trouble on the dating front. Working up the nerve to tell was always a hassle, but I never had a GF who responded poorly. It should also go without saying that now that I have a Mommy/GF in my life again, I'm even more thankful for being an AB.

    So, nope you're not alone. I certainly feel very lucky that this is a side of myself and I think it is a wonderful stress relief. I can only hope that there are others like us and that if anyone is having trouble accepting this side of themselves, that they can eventually come around because being an AB is awesome nearly all of the time

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    Being able to turn to my DL and ab side when things get hard has been a light i have been able to rely on when things got hard or to stressfull. though in the past it was hard to get the time as it was a secret nobody knew. now that CM knows and has come around to being accepting and supportive life has really taken a turn for the better, we compliment each other in our needs. we balance our lives bonding everyday in more expanded ways.

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    I completely agree, this so beats other de-stressors that I have tried. Yes we are lucky that we have found not only self acceptance but acceptance on other levels as well.

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    I feel that I am fortunate to be able to be little when I need to. I have a job as a substitute teacher and I will be working at Amazon again this holiday season. Now that they pay $15/hr, I am eager to get back to working there. The jobs I have give me the ability to buy other baby items, other than just diapers. Things like sippy cups and pacifiers wear out and have to be replaced. There are of course still times where I can't be little, there are times I am in a class of Pre-K or kinder students and you will have students who will suck on their digits, I wish that I could just go over and join them in their play while I do the same thing. When I don't regress for long periods of time, I feel depressed and drained of energy. I will need to get a brain MRI here in the next couple of weeks, so on that day I am thinking about finding a personal care assistant for the day. I will need someone to watch me for the day, just in case they have to sedate me . I have ASD, and a brain tumor that I have had since I was 3 years old. My optic nerve tumor is the reason I have always had developmental delays, and the cause of my short stature. I have posted a link from the American Academy of Opthamology which describes Optic Pathway Gliomas. If you go about half-way down to 'Clinical Presentation' it will describe some of the side effects.

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    Default Yes, we are lucky to be able to regress

    For me, stress is the "trigger" to regression. When the world gets to be too much, a "time portal" opens up in my minds-eye and I am transported back to 1959, where I'm little again, toddling around my mom's house in rubber pants and cloth diapers, and smelling like poop.

    As I toddle over to a toy I'm playing with, my mom wrinkles up her nose, and pulls back the waistband of my rubber pants and inspects the back of my cloth diaper. After confirming her suspicions, I find myself laying on the living room floor, with my pants around my ankles, and my mom wiping and powdering my bottom with baby powder, as she changes my poopy diaper in front of everyone.

    To regress, to be little again, is to re-enter a world of comfort and love, and no adult responsibilities. A world where you can mess your pants and mommy changes you on the living room in front of everybody. It is a world of innocence and infantile joy. It is a world I return to over and over again.

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