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    So the last few weeks I've been eating more protein, less carbs, less sugar, and I'm sure probably less fat too (in part because I'm not eating anything specifically as any type of fat, but also in part because carbs and sugar can so easily turn into fat when not digested quickly enough), for the most part I don't feel like I'm starving, my energy levels seems to be high enough (at work I will drink an Energy Drink, 2 on a long day, but it's a better energy drink than Red Bull, Monster, NOS, etc; as it's made by a company that makes workout supplements).

    I even feel like I may have lost a little weight, I guess if I had to mention any problems it would be loose poop, but I have just read that adding fiber can help there, so I may give Metamucil type pills another try.

    I also know I should add in some exercise, but it's tough, especially if I'm working extra hours/days at work; if I'm working Monday-Saturday, especially if there is extra hours I definitely dont feel like working out on my 1 day off.

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    High protein, low carb diets often result in looser stools. Adding fibre to your diet is an effective way to counter that.
    For the record, there is no "better energy drink"; slightly less horrendously bad for you would probably be more accurate. Not only are an ENORMOUS number of workout supplements nothing but snake-oil themselves, just because a company makes good products, doesn't mean they're all actually good. Energy drinks are just not good for the body, period. If you're too tired without them, you need to sleep better and increase your healthy calorie intake. This however does require exercise to balance out. I found that setting aside 1-3 days a week; the minimum needed to really make working out particularly effective, very hard to keep up with. Instead, nowadays I just spend 20-30 minutes a day; rarely missing a day, exercising at home. Gyms are really not necessary I find; at least not for just trimming down and toning up. Get up 30 minutes early or set aside 30 minutes in the evening. I prefer to exercise in the evening, some prefer to do it when they wake up, find what works for you.

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    Well, it seems the diet is working, I must have lost close to 10 LBS this month and for the most part I eat what I want, except eating less things that have a lot of carbs; so not much Pasta, less Pizza, etc.

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