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    As a little I want part of my AB side be with me at all time. So I'm wanting to wear almost all of the time, but can't seem to wear unless I feel safe in doing so. I'm wanting to get past this fear but have been having trouble getting past it. Anyone have any advice.

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    I would suggest wearing more often gradually, kind of like "testing the waters before jumping into the deep end", eventually you will realize it isn't that big of a deal and it is the LAST thing on most peoples minds.

    The only people constantly looking to see if someone is wearing a diaper is probably somebody in our community (whether they are registered on this site, others, or dont know why they have a fascination with diapers).

    I don't often wear a diaper outside of the house, but when I do my Mom is the only one saying anything, I have never even got looked at weird by anybody else.

    Of course the key to discretion is having a good enough diaper (if you plan to use it) so that it doesn't leak; if a leak happens that will be WAY more obvious than a thick diaper, and also layering; people can guess all they want, but just about nobody is gonna announce "HEY I THINK THIS GUY IS WEARING A DIAPER", unless said person knows you and is a major @Hole.

    Most people are considerate and would just assume you have a medical need and not even say anything; that I'd IF they do notice, but again it is the last thing on just about everybody's mind.

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    You can get a very thin diaper and wear it under your normal underwear. Just use the bathroom in public as you also do. When I'm not doing diapers, I wear panties. I still stand when I pee like the other guys, but it is a reminder of the girl in me.

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    From my own personal experience as an Autistic person with Cerebral Palsy, wherever I am away from home crutching around, others pretty-much care less whether or not I am "in diapers" 24/7 just like a baby.
    I do not worry about it.

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    I went with Incontinence briefs, that resembled Diapers. For me it was Walgreen's Certainty.

    They are kind of thin, but are are four tape diaper. So it helps with discretion and still can make you feel little.

    Then just walk around with your shirt fully tucked in to help in case you need to bend over.

    Just get a big mirror put on your diaper make sure to wear the right clothes to cover it up and go through multiple actions you feel would have your diaper exposed. If you can expose your diaper fix the issue. While you may correct every possible instance to keep your diaper covered, you will still feel like at times you expose it to the world. Try your best to feel like everything is normal and run with that same confidence. So long as you take your precautions you will never know...As winter rolls around I plan to be in a Onesie and diaper while at work. Just need to wear Underarmor, shirt and pants. My work shirt and jeans, all of that tucked in and I will be good for no-one to notice that I am all babied up at work. (pacifier in my coat pocket, I have a big coat...and lots of pockets)

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    Always remember that people use simple to explain things most of the time. Which is more likely that youíre wearing diapers because youíre an abdl or because of a medical problem?
    As others have said most people wonít notice and if they do they wonít inquire to deeply and just assume that itís a medical issue.

    In response to LilbabCor about clothing, if you donít want to wear jeans and tuck your shirt in and your shirts donít cover well, consider buying your shirts one size larger so you have the extra length to cover.

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