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    Question Amazon Wish List

    I have been getting things from Amazon for years and yet there is this feature called 'Wish List' a person can create and have people buy things from that wish list and send it directly to you.
    Does your address get shown to the person who is wanting to buy something off the wish list or does it show all your personal information such as address, and phone number?

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    You won't know who bought it. And the person who buys it will have the item go into their own cart, and to their own address. At least that's how I've always seen it. Not sure if that's a new option to have it shipped to the recepient, so I don't know about the address info like you're saying.

    Take note too, IF that person used the item link in your wish list, then that item will be removed from your list. This could tip you off for exactly when/what they bought. It is best to copy the item description text and put that into the search to get to it that way. And again, ship it to yourself so you can hand it to them and surprise them too.

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