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    So I decided that since I have today off I would be padded up all day since its been around 2 weeks due to me being busy and just my luck my best friend stops by randomly but I kept calm and we had a nice visit for about an hour with him not noticing anything my confidence level keeps going up and it's all thanks to you guys so thank you next step wearing out in public

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    I am glad you feel confident. Although maybe one day you can tell him. He's your best friend after all.

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    Glad the community could help you out and that you had a good experience!

    I've been in your position at least once or twice before and while it's certainly a little nerve racking, it sure can be exciting and the feeling of satisfaction of being able to be yourself around your friends (even if they aren't aware) can be pretty rewarding!

    You may find wearing out in public to be even easier. Hanging out with your friend is much more intimate and you're paying much closer attention to each other with much less distractions in your environment. In public no one is going to be paying attention to you plus there'll be much more activity that'll cover up any crinkly noise or evidence that you're wearing any padding. I've worn in public before but don't do it too often, but I'd definitely feel safer wearing in public than around my non-abdl friends.

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