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Thread: Feeling Ill...And more "Little"...

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    Default Feeling Ill...And more "Little"...

    I am down with a Cold Virus.
    When sick I feel more "Little".
    I admit to some irritability.

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    Take it easy, drink your fluids, pull your blocks out... it'll be over before you know it.

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    I get like this. Vulnerable makes me want to be taken care of.

    What can you do for yourself that your ideal caregiver would?

    For myself, it is often things like taking my puppy friends to bed and putting my mobile on while I go to sleep.

    In a magic land, we would all be able to take care of each other, but in our own magic land we can be that loving caretaker to ourselves.

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    It's not too bad. You get to sleep in with your fuzzies, meals come to you, you can watch TV in bed. Your daddy or mommy changes you on a regular basis, and keeps track of your temperature.

    Just hope you don't get too much of a fever, or you could be taken to the doctor (!).

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    Today I am slowly starting to feel better.
    Stil, my sinuses are plugged up.

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    I tend to feel quite little when sick. I am also pretty miserable lol. I'm not a good sick person. But my hubby will get my brownie (an oversized pound puppy I've had since childhood) and set me up in the bedroom with a box of tissues, a waste basket, a sippy full of semi-flat ginger ale. He'll usually put some old cartoons on for me and the leave me with theremote before he leaves for work. At some point during the day I'll get up and make a pot of Mrs. Grass soup which is what I always got anytime I was sick as a kid.

    I hope you feel better soon. Having a stuffy nose is the WORST especially if you almost never breathe out of your mouth. :P

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