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Thread: What halloween candy bar would you eat?

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    Default What halloween candy bar would you eat?

    OK I just did something and I think it will be an interesting Fun topic discussion.

    You bought the Halloween candy, its all gone and the day after Halloween.

    You find a candy bar under a table. (the seal is still intact, however it may have been kicked or what ever)


    Mine was a "York peppermint patty" but I also would have eaten an "almond Joy"

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    I ate a few Milky Way candy bars and I ended up with a messy diaper.

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    My favorite is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I bought a whole bag of them for Halloween even though I never get trick or treaters. In fact, I was at work on Wednesday and wasn't even home, but I've been enjoying those Reeses.

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    Mine would be a heath. Toffee AND chocolate...Mmmmmmm

    Reeses and Cookies and Cream bars would be a close second however

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    Reese's PBCs hands down, but my second favorite would be a Charleston Chew. I usually keep my chocolate candies in the fridge cold, they taste better to me.

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    My favourite candy bars historically have been Wunderbars. Cadbury chocolate is so much better than the chocolates in the States, Canada is flooded with Cadbury stuff probably because of our close ties with Britain. Wunderbar for any Americans who may not have had one, is a milk chocolate bar filled with peanut butter, rice crisp and caramel. They are heavenly. I also like Three Musketeers bars in a close 2nd and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in 3rd.

    I don't eat chocolate very much now though and I usually only get the craving for it when my energy is low.

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