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Thread: new puppy

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    Default new puppy

    Got a puppy today (for free!). Mom brought her home. We allready have a helluva lota dogs, but they're all shit tzus and they suck. I don't know what kind of dog this is, but it's a lot cuter and smarter than the shit tzus. And apperently this thing will actualy go on long walks.

    For instance, it fetches, stands up, dances, and it's only 9 weeks old.

    Some of you may know I'm not much of a dog person (due to being around so many shit tzus my whole freakin life), but this things starting to grow on me. I like it a lot more than the shit tzus. I can tell she likes me too.

    I'll post some pictures later.

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    Awww, cute! ^_^

    I love dogs.

    Find out what she is! :tongue:

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    What ever she is she is soooo cuuute

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    awwww that reminds me of my sister's puppy, brutus who's a pappillon. But adorable puppy

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    It looks kinda like a long hair chihuahua but I think it's too big for that. Sooooo cute tho'.

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    glad you guys like the pictures. took me forever to get her to stay still for like a second.

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    First you have the day off. Now you have a puppy. Remind me again what God I should be praying to to have these things happen.

    And oh: Awwwwww!

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    Ahhh...cute dog. Well, I am a dog person. There may be some terrier in there as well. Terriers are very smart, and very active.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I am a dog person.
    I don't think you had to mention that dogboy. We can tell.

    I really like animals. I've only had cats so far, so I really like cats, but I wouldn't say I'm a cat person. I randomly spoke to a guy who was walking his dog once and he said he could tell I had a dog because of how I acted around his dog. I said I had two cats and never been around a dog for more than an hour. The look in his eyes was very funny.

    That is such a cute puppy, but I do prefer big dogs. Then again, a smart small dog is 10000 times better than a stupid big dog. But a smart big dog trumps all, sorry.

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