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Thread: Issues with pullup type new continence nurse want me to try other pullups

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomcat View Post
    my feelings are all tabbed briefs are nappies and are babyish
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    Truth is that's a mindset that a lot of us get into and it can sabotage being effective with supplies... with incontinence products you have to think of it like this... "What gives me the best fit and what do I have the least episodes with (leaks)?"

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    Yeah hence why I have issues even trying the samples I have currently :'( and currently only considering it now if Continence nurse runs out of ideas :'(

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    It helps to think this way, "It's not babyish to take responsibility for my actions and manage them to the best of my ability with the resources I have available"

    Babies are dependent on others to take care of them, you are using a resource to manage your needs which is taking responsibility, that's not babyish anymore then someone eating messy food wearing a bib is when they don't want to mess up their clothes.

    I hope you can come up for a solution that works best for you and wish you the best outcome with this.

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    The Betterdry and Rearz Inspire+InControl are plastic-backed. The Betterdry nappies only come in sizes M and L, and the Rearz you cam get in XL. I'm using the XL size, and they fit well! I can _just_ fit in the L size.

    You will probably not find a plastc-backed pullup, so if you're looking for plastic-backed IC products that will take heavy wetting, nappies are probably it.

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