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Thread: When Do You Start Christmas Shopping?

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    walmart has (and probably most outlets) Halloween Cards.... ??????... There used to be a saying that Valentines Day and Mothers Day were invented to sell cards and flowers (Valentines' is in the middle of winter so you know you'll get a good deal on fresh roses.) BUT ... Mothers Day was a peace movement started in Europe in the Crimean War and spread to the American widows and orphans from our "civil" war. Their motto was "I'll not raise my son just to kill some other womans son"

    Christmas wasn't celebrated by the Pilgrims nor the Puritans. That was one reason they got run out of England. And their obnoxious views of other English groups. Nobody's perfect and I ain't taking sides.

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    I pick up stuff all the time and stuff it into a closet until it's time. The trouble with doing so for little kids is their ever-changing interests. One day they love this show, then the next day they come home and love a completely different one. :P

    So I try and keep away from the 'fad' interests and get at the root of what they really like. Most kids have an interest that is independent of any franchise. My great-niece is into 'barbies' so we've been picking up those cheaper Sparkle Girl dolls that Walmart has. Because she's only four and I don't quite trust her with a more expensive doll.

    She really wants Bryer horses and I veto the hell out of that. She'll just end up breaking them or something. :P Maybe in a couple of years when I can trust that she'll take care of them.

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